Situation: San Diego’s super sad 28 second 4th of July fireworks display!

Tonight I decided to “forgo the usual fireworks show” and stay as an individual in my apartment instead. I was feeling a little bummed at nine o’clock when I started hearing everyone in my neighborhood getting pumped for the big “display at the bay” — I really do love some pomp and circumstance. I heard a brief explosion and in exactly 28 seconds it was over. I sat waiting for a longer and more dramatic event — I even went outside so I could at least see some fireworks on the 4th of July, but it was astoundingly silent. Little did I know the display was a historic mega-flop.

All the fireworks blew up simultaneously in 28 sad seconds of pathetically poorly planned patriotic theater.

My favorite part of this video is that people are actually applauding as though they had received an actual fireworks show. And my favorite part of this situation is the national headlines it has generated. I compiled a list below!

Truly a situation San Diego!

Amazing headlines about the San Diego fireworks situation…

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  1. HAHA! I chose to forego this fireworks display too, and instead hang out as an individual in my apartment with TTT and the little canine. What a mess!


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