Tony Pieper and Blakeley Shea are moving in together!

We already knew Tony Pieper and Blakeley Shea were smitten with one another (although we were trying to figure out when the two “hit it off” since Blakeley, up until this week’s episode of Bachelor Pad, had been so obsessed with Chris Bukowski aka “Mr. Anger Management Issues”.

This week, the brand new couple won the teacup-stacking challenge so Blakeley got to choose a guy for a date, and surprisingly she chose her new partner Tony! And the chemistry was clear as the two shared their first one on one/overnight date in a tiny airstream camping (note: the little airstream covered in lights sadly reminded me I’m not going to Burning Man in 5 days ). I love how your first Bachelor Pad one on one can also be an overnight mini-fantasy-suite date. This is why we love Bachelor Pad!

And in the midst of some really amazing conversation, we watched Tony Pieper, the 31 year-old Lumber Trader from Beaverton, Oregon and Blakeley Shea, the 34 year-old “VIP Cocktail Waitress” (aka Hooter’s waitress) /“Esthetician” from Rutherfordton, NC fall in love! Blakeley tells Tony he makes her “feel very comfortable,’ and she has been “scared to fall in love”. Tony tells her, “I think you’ve been with the wrong dudes.”

The two obviously hit it off because they are actually moving in together in real life soon! Bravo ABC!!! Another successful couple!!

They apparently were spotted earlier according to Wetpaint on vacation at a posh Coeur d’Alene resort and spa in Idaho.

Looks like these two are on the fast track! The 411 according to Rumor Fix  is that Blakeley is moving to Beaverton and moving in with him and his son.

There are also rumors that Tony will propose on the finale!!! Alright at least we may get one proposal! And a slightly less awkward proposal than Blake proposing to Holly in front of heartbroken Michael during last season’s almost-too-brutal-to-watch finale.

What an amazing situation!!!


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