Jef Holm’s parents are wealthy: But is it from a pyramid scheme?

On this past season of The Bachelorette, one Hometown Date stole the show. It was the Hometown of Jef Holm, where he took Emily to his family’s “Holm”stead Ranch. But the date also got us wondering and Googling about Jef’s family and their apparent wealth. We also went on a mission (Mormon pun unintended) to investigate Jef’s company People Water to see if the company was legit or a bit shady.

We have yet to make a real determination on People Water — so far, they seem to be an above-board and pretty darn awesome company — but Jef has always seemed a bit too good to be true so this new info on Jef’s Dad may shine a new light on the story. And I do want to say that even if Jef’s family wealth is a bit shady I don’t in anyway hold him responsible for the decisions of his father.

We now know a bit about his father, Monte Holm, 52. Of course he owns a kick-ass ranch in St. George Utah and is very active in the Mormon church. He serves as a high councilor and missionary in the LDS church and is currently in Columbia, South Carolina (as we learned when he couldn’t appear on the Hometown Date).

But here is where it gets interesting and where the squeaky clean shoe in the Holm family fortune finally drops…..

He is Executive vice chairman of the very infamous and shady World Financial Group!

Looks like Monte started in the construction industry, but quickly moved to the shady and conveniently ambiguous “financial services industry,” working for the controversial company. The company has been the subject of a lot of scrutiny SEC charges of fraud and misrepresentation, litigation and has even been accused of being a pyramid scheme!

Incidentally it’s important to note Monte’s involvement in the company has been major and long-lasting. It’s also important to note he worked for WFG predecessor WMA beginning way back in 1991. According to CNN in May of 2000 they said this about the company:

“WMA peddles costly and complex packages of insurance and mutual funds much the way Amway sells soap. But how WMA runs its pyramid-style sales structure (Humphrey prefers to call it “the magic of compound recruiting”) is drawing scrutiny from regulators and generating claims of fraud from investors. ”

They go on to describe how Monte became part of the team in 1991:

“(Hubert Humphrey) left in 1991 to set up World Marketing Alliance. Joining him from what he now calls “the practice company” were top agent-recruiters like Thawley and Monte Holm, a former construction worker in Las Vegas.”

So Monte was no small part of the infamous WMA, he was one of the founders and top agents.

Bloomberg reports in an in depth story on the WFG/WMA financial fraud:

“Long before Aegon bought it, World Marketing and its brokerage arm, WMA Securities Inc., had run afoul of regulators. The two firms were accused of “widespread breaches” of NASD rules governing advertising, as well as accusations that some of its salesmen engaged in “dishonest and unethical practices,” according to records kept by Finra.”


About World Financial Group

Wikipedia describes the company:

“World Financial Group (WFG) is a financial services marketing organization based in Johns Creek, Georgia that markets investment, insurance, and various other financial products through a network of associates in the United States and Canada. Although WFG is publicly referred to as a Network Marketing company (also known as Multi-level Marketing (MLM)), the company has released several illustrations…However, page 61 of their Business Format System clearly shows a diagram of a pyramid.”


Complaints about World Financial Group

Apparently, judging by the numerous complaints, the company recruits members and requires them to pay a fee in order to be employed — a tell-tale sign of a pyramid scheme. In pyramid schemes, profits are made from recruitment fees rather than providing a product of real value.

See what people are saying about World Financial Group on sites like and

Here is one of my favorite comments from

“First of all, WFG — a multi-level marketing company — calls people randomly supposedly from Careerbuilder or perhaps Craigslist. They say they are paying positions and offer an invitation to their “job fair”.

The “job” they offer is not a job, but as a position as an independent contractor. You have to sign a 1099 form. Using your credit card, pay for a background check which breaks two laws. You never get to see this background check. Which goes against FRCA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and state level law.
Guess what, the background check takes 1 day. They say that they only care about whether you have to commit only federal securities crime on your background check. Which means if you are a felon, you can work for WFG. Tell me would you like to share an office space with a possible rapist, thief, etc.

All that saying, wouldn’t you like a job where you can get benefits, vacation time, etc? Real jobs pay for your classes, conferences, etc.

All I can say is stay away from these people.”


Monte Holm’s World Financial Group bio

The description of Monte Holm’s wealth on the WFG website is shrouded in rhetoric and obscurity, which makes these accusations even more noteworthy. I’m showing this excerpt for illustration purposes because the language or lack there of is so important.

If you notice, nowhere in this blurb do we hear what they ACTUALLY sell. But the other noteworthy situation is that despite the in depth history of Monte’s career in the financial services industry the bio never mentions WMA, a company he helped start. In fact the bio skips from the 80s to 2003 suggesting Holm was deeply immersed in financial services during that time but not mentioning where — this would never fly in a job interview. Here is a long excerpt describing Monte’s accumulation of wealth, according to the World Financial Group’s website:

“Little money, almost losing his home and the struggle to find work in the construction industry marked the early years for Holm and his wife, Lisa. But when he discovered the financial services industry while he was in college, he began helping families build financial futures, and that’s when his own family’s fortunes turned around.

Little more than 25 years later, Holm finds himself as one of the top leaders of World Financial Group, a financial services marketing organization with independent associates throughout the United States and Canada, with an eye on other international markets. He is more than willing to share his experience and strategies for building a successful business, as well as his passion for helping families become financially independent and realize their dreams. …

Holm remained committed to building his business, and it wasn’t long before he saw the rewards of his hard work. In his first year in the financial services industry, he made a little more than $7,000. But in his second year, he made $100,000 – and the business only grew from there. In the early 1980s, he went from making no money to being a millionaire and then a few years later was a multimillionaire.”

Beginning in the late 1970s, and continuing for more than two decades, Holm built a successful financial services business and managed a team of sales associates located throughout the United States and Canada. In July 2003, World Financial Group recognized Holm’s leadership and experience by naming him chairman of the Financial Division, one of the company’s two newly formed sales divisions. Under his guidance, the Financial Division realized record-breaking growth in all measurable areas. In early 2005, he was asked to assume the position of president of World Financial Group, Inc.”

Notice how nowhere in this rhetoric is there any hint about what financial services the company offers. It also shows that Holm was a very active part of “services” around the country, not just Utah. Holm held a very high-level position as chairman of the Financial Division and he is now on the Board of Directors.

Federal regulatory issues and lawsuits with World Financial Group

Wikipedia details some concerns about the companies practices:

“WFG’s stated mission goal is to “serve the financial needs of individuals and families typically overlooked by the financial services industry”.It is yet unclear how successfully the company has managed to distance itself from its more controversial US based predecessor WMA, associated with fraud, misrepresentation and false statements, and the subject of class action lawsuits, and National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) disciplinary action.”

Some particularly noteworthy actions against WGS, via Wikipedia and Bloomberg news:

  • In April 2007, WGS was fined $50,000 for failing to supervise its representatives in the State of Utah, who were misrepresenting their credentials and services rendered during free lunch seminars targeting seniors.
  • In May 2010, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a federal case against two former brokers of WGS, accusing them of having raised approximately $14,800,000 through the offer and sale of promissory notes as part of an illegal Ponzi scheme in the States of Ohio and Florida starting while the two were employed by WGS and using their customer contacts there.
  • In November 2010, the SEC ordered WGS to pay, among other things, a civil monetary penalty in the amount of $200,000 for the fraudulent selling of unsuitable securities in the State of California, which were funded using home equity, derived from the refinance of the customers’ homes into subprime mortgages.

Here is a video of Monte Holm speaking at a 2008 WFG Gala and sounding a tad bit like an evangelist/insurance salesman….dare I even say….snake oil salesman?

If you listen to his speech it is clear he is very actively involved in the global actions of the company and has been for some time.


37 thoughts on “Jef Holm’s parents are wealthy: But is it from a pyramid scheme?”

  1. While reading your article it can blow people’s minds.

    It is loud and clear that you’re plainly envious & slanderer.

    Why don’t you come on board with wfg and see what you are going to be doing if you are going to be a fraudster or Scammer. Unfortunately, you can’t get in anyway because wfg will already know who you are. You are just a fault finder of even a tiny fault.

    Perhaps you can be so grateful that you are a part of the puzzle where Monte Holm have had invested and is still investing to the people who were poor, broke and didn’t know where to go..and now we see them prosper from zero to hero through hard work invested their time with honesty & integrity.

    If wfg is who you think they are then judgment were and are in Jail including Monte Holm even to the newer Licensed Associate. But instead we are growing like flies.

    I am truly so grateful of this Company’s honesty, integrity and transparency. I wish I could have met this company 33 years ago.

    So get out of your comfort zone stop slandering because you will never ever be successful in life but a waster of your time and a criticizer of those people who are doing good.

    I truly feel so sorry for you.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  2. I’ve just came across this article today. It saddens me that this world is so full of hate & lack of compassion or understanding. If it wasn’t for WFG my family would not be what it is today. To Monte & the entire WFG family – I cannot thank you enough for helping us in the most dire of times.
    Bless you all.

  3. I’ve known Mr. Holm for over a decade, and I’ve been a vendor to WFG for almost 14 years. This is a good man and a good company. If you dig in deeper and conduct more research, you’ll find this to be accurate.

  4. Your article is biased and unmerited. It could not be further from the truth. WFG is backed by a multi billion dollar company (Aegon). WFG provides financial education and customized products for all families. Not one product fits all. WFG had only top A rated companies which carry every product a client could need. They are completely above board and not one penny from the application goes to agents. It goes for background check, coding, back-office set-up and support, email and marketing etc. You do not have to pay fees you do not even have to recruit people to build an agency. You DO have to take and pass your state course and pass a final state board licensing exam and you are issued a license under your state. This is a highly regulated industry. This is an amazing company. Shame on you for projecting this negative information to the public. WFG changes peoples lives for the better through financial education and product knowledge catered specifically to the families they help and the families individual needs.

    • people at Monte Holmes level in the company are profiting from and making hundreds of millions of dollars from the conferences they throw every year, and which all associates in the company are expected to attend and pay from their own pockets. Id like to see an article on that aspect of the business.

      • When people buy say McDonald’s product, do franchisees get rich? Does Ray Croc not get richer? Do the people who buy McDonald’s who chooses not to pay a franchisee get rich by consuming the products only?

  5. Looks like you did half the research you should have and presented the easiest story to garner attention. I hope you dig deeper. You might be shocked to find out you slammed a good company.

  6. I personally know the Holmes family. They are the most amazing family. Monte integrity is above reproach. Yes he made a lot of money. I don’t know any organization that doesn’t recruit. I am a nurse I get recruited daily. My hospital has. CEO who makes a lot more money than I do, and I do all the work….sounds like a pyramid. Anyone who works in a leaner company, has a company of one, themselves

    I am glad that you put up this website.
    Our world needs more hatters. Those people who can’t make it critizise those who do…

    Get off your Ass and put your energy into making something of yourself……by the way…that’s a challeng
    E-mail me when you make your first million dollars….ligitmetly, not by putting up a hate website, anyone can hate

  7. This article is garbage. You don’t know the man and you have no information about him personally. You express personal opinions about his speech and compare him to a snake oil salesman. That is a comment totally intended to attack the individual when there is no proof or hint of anything shady in the speech. I was a missionary in South Carolina under Monte Holm’s mission Presidency there. He is an extremely sincere and genuine family man who cares about the welfare of his fellow man. You do realize that it is on record that Monte Holm pays his 10% tithing of all he earns. His is taking three years of his life to serve his mission. He serves in church callings completely UNPAID in any way, as do all members of the church who choose to serve in callings. No clergy is paid, no missionaries are paid. It cost my family and I over $10,000 to send me to South Carolina to do volunteer community and religious service. Our finances are no where close to that of the Holms. None of your ‘facts’ hold any water pertaining to Monte Holm. He is a good man whom I know well and have spent long and often thankless hours with, serving God and our fellow man.

    • Wow! I had no idea this post would generate such vitriol! Look this information is very well sourced. If any of it is incorrect the people who support Monte should take it up w/ them not me. I hope he is a good guy, but Id say the venom being spewed by all of his supporters is not very Christ-like and frankly kind of freaks me out. I’d expect the Mormons to be much more compassionate and less judgmental and just let a critique like this roll off their shoulders. “Turn the other cheek” right? When you are a public figure like Monte you have to expect a lot of public criticism. it goes w/ the territory.

      • No, writer, whoever you are. You’ve got it ALL wrong. Unlike the others, I don’t know Monte at all. But upon reading your slanderous defamation, your libel, you have no claim to ask to “turn the other cheek.” YOU HIDE under scripture, and make yourself sound so innocent, but YOU cast the first stone. Your article is full of NOTHING but innuendo. It is wholly EMPTY of any substance or mind. You obviously know nothing about the financial services industry or how its regulatory systems works. If MLM were a fraud or the same as a pyramid scheme (I am not a member of any MLM group) then it would have been declared illegal years ago. I think WMA was an abhorrent company because of the lack of professionalism of many of their agents, but as far as doing anything illegal, or committing fraud, for you to lump all that onto this man by your “guilt by association,” gossip innuendo, name-calling, and other tactics, without your providing any specifics or facts, is not carelessness, it is purposeful character assassination, libel, and slander of the WORST kind. You have nothing to hide under, certainly not scripture, or “I’m only the (innocent) messenger,” and your hypocrisy is public for all to see. You are no messenger–your writing is full of blatant, purposeful lies wherein you give NO substantiation. Your personal prejudices and interpretations are stated to sound factually accurate about this man, but you what you have written is as black as coal. As I said, I have never met Monte, but as the saying goes, “What Peter says about Paul says more about Peter than it says about Paul.”

        • there is nothing libelous or slanderous here. You need to take your complaints up with the sources I cite. Not w/ me. Thx

      • We are all independent contractors at WFG. Although people should never get offended, we love and appreciate Monte and an attack on him, his integrity and his name is like an attack on each one of us. Additionally, Monte is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but that doesn’t mean that every person in the company is. Your comments make you come across as ignorant and nonintellectual. As a writer, you should expect a lot of public criticism too…it goes with the territory.

      • your article is really interesting You go from talking about wfg and then bring up wgs. This has got to be one of the most “not check out the facts” articles I have ever read. If you ever write another article I see I will put it in the trash as I can see you dont check out your facts. That is what I call piss poor reporting .. Get a Life…

  8. Wow…

    C Lo you are a joke. In your replies you claim to just be “the messenger” and should not be held accountable for the info you posted. You claim to be only pointing out facts, but in reading your article you clearly are only intent in “bashing” this family. You constantly refer to this family as shady, but provide no proof of their “shadiness”. Every agent in this industry is regulated by state officials and yet you don’t provide any documentation of Monte Holm ever being fined, cited or even disciplined for any of the fraud or “shadiness” in which you alluded. When you call someone a crook you should provide info that proves he is a crook. If you have that documentation then produce it and post it in this forum. If not then really you are just “bashing” for your own personal gain. I challenge you to produce any evidence that has Mr Holm’s name and your alleged criminal infractions. If not then the only person peddling snake oil is YOU.

    The clock is ticking…show us the proof!!!

  9. C Lo clearly is clueless about the financial services industry. In regard to ANY financial services company, from Goldman Sachs to Merrill Lynch, ALL of them have been fined by regulatory agencies multiple times. Actually, Merrill Lynch has a much longer list of sanctions. Calling a company a “scam” based on her faulty argument would have to mean every financial services company is a “scam.”

  10. I actually work with World Financial Group. This article is completely fabricated. WFG is not known infamously for scams or shady business.
    It is a shame what the media will publish in order to get a story and jeopardize loyal company and the people who work hard in this company.

  11. Christine,
    WFG is a highly regulated company with a LOT of associates. People make mistakes and then make the company look bad. I don’t know why companies like ING, Nationwide, Prudential, Aviva, Allianz, Pimco, North American, Franklin Templeton and the list goes on, would want to do business with a “shady” company. I couldn’t be more proud to be associated with such an amazing company that is constantly urging people to better themselves and have your own integrity as your #1 priority. Maybe you should have gone to the actual source of who you were writing about before publishing…..

  12. Christine Lo you are a certified idiot! It’s true I read it on the Internet! Do ur homework next time not just pull garbage online and smear somebody’s character! What have you accomplished miss nobody?

    • wow! you should probably sit down and breathe. I’m just a girl w/ a big curiosity for finding the truth. Believe you me I wanted to discover that Monte Holm was a solid dude that made his money in a super legit way. I didnt go into this wanting to slam Monte. In fact I even debated whether to publish it or not. But I do really hate people who take advantage of others esp in the financial world. So I just published the facts. Dont hate the messenger. Direct your anger at the SEC and CNN.

      • Garbage. If you wanted to like Monte, you could have went looking for the good about him. There is just as much good information about him as the bad stuff you found (which isn’t even confirmed information or specifically about his own character). You could have researched all the good he does in his company, community, and church and reported on that. You didn’t. You didn’t try to like him, you went looking for garbage and found garbage.

      • The SEC is regularly noted as one of the most corrupt governmental agencies (that’s another long history lesson for you), and CNN is hardly noted for its accuracy in reporting, as is none of the press of this generation. Walter Cronkite was the beginning back in the 1960’s of twisted “news” propaganda.

      • Do the same research on any other financial services company. Your pick. Pick the most popular one. You’ll find that their list of complaints/claims/fraud cases with SEC and FINRA are enormous compared to WMA or WFG. Again, as a writer, research is not your strength either.

  13. C LO,

    I’d suggest gathering your information for stories from your own first hand accounts.
    And first hand interviews done by you.

    The internet is filled with lots of information and not much fact.

    We all know Cnn tells 100% neutral accounts of news. 😉

    As It makes for interesting stories by over shadowing dark sinister motives.
    Th fact is many of the top financial companys have been brought up on sec charges, and fines.
    That’s to be expected in any business. No matter what the industry.

    As far as his missing bio years. If you can’t find it on the internet. Does not mean it is a plot to keep people from the truth. There are private people that until there son was on television, were hardly known of by name.

    Unfortunately everyone loves a scandal. And the dogs of journalism wait for our greatest to fall.

    Nothing against you in any way.

    I understand what stories sell and grab attention.

    My own experience with World Financial Group has been a good one as a client.
    I read some of the internet goosip about the company.
    But as with movie critisisms I don’t give much value to opinions of people I don’t know. And reserve the judgement after my first hand experience.

    The Financial Industry is a highly regulated one. your remark about its “situation” can be taken that the SEC has problems as well.
    Why wouldn”t they. At the end of the day your dealing with people.

    World Financial Group has none of their own products. The partners they have are giants as well. I don’t believe they would align themselves with a company that is not on the level.

    I think the biggest service they do is educate people on money and how it works. Most people including myself have never learned it, or had the people to explain it.

    Since they are independent, I found that after shopping around with banks and other firms(sometihing that very few people take the time to do, probably because the bachelor is on 😉 That they had the best products for me.
    The banks are a business and they want you to have the product that makes them the biggest returns for their shareholders. as with any corporation.

    Their products and why they never say what they are??
    They have an un traditional model of delivery of financial products.
    They arent here to sell me on one specific product of their massive collection of good products.
    They need to know what fits an individual persons needs and give options of the best solutions for that individuals needs and goals.

    At most banking or investment firms. One size fits all. Nothing against banks or other firms. But your grocer wants u to shop at his store, same with your computer dealer.
    Its business at a basic level.

    My point is simply that first hand knowledge and the creation of a story by your account is what journalism lacks.

    It’s so easy to cut and paste and regurgitate someones opinion and conclusion. After all isn’t that what most kids our taught in school. Where history and storys are one persons conclusion and account..

    I could read all day about what riding a bike feels like and looks like from pictures. But I can’t know first hand until I find out.
    Not the greatest example, one that makes sense to me.

    Thank you for your time in reading my thoughts and personal experience on the matter. But both sides need to be explored from neutrality.(in a perfect world).


  14. and if Monte is so above board why does he make no mention of his time at WMA? A very important part of his bio thats just missing….1980-2003 is missing,,,,why?

  15. While I appreciate your response I highly disagree. The information I printed is from reliable sources Bloomberg News, CNN, Wikipedia (which is highly annotated). Monte’s involvement in the company is definitely questionable as he has been there since day 1 w/ the very controversial Hubert Humphrey.

    Personally I take issue w/ companies that prey on people using these sort of multi-level marketing schemes selling very questionable securities. Monte has been in the news quite a bit as you know and that does make him fair game for criticism. He was being criticized in the media long before his son was ever a celebrity.

    • Just a heads up on news networks and how biased and corrupt they are. Bloomberg News is owned by Merrill Lynch a competitor of World Financial Group. Wikipedia is information gathered online by freelance writers who also, like you, don’t go to the SOURCE for information. Instead, they believe everything they read on the internet…and publish it…just like you. Sounds like you are on track to be a great “reporter” or “repeater”. I would encourage you to strive to be a true “journalist”. They are a dyeing breed due to the convenience of “copy and paste”.

      P.S. Do some ACTUAL research on ANY other financial services company. Research Farmers Insurance, look at their recruiting methods and complaints. Not a bad company, but financial services companies tend to recruit agents the same way. Same thing with Edward Jones, Charles Schwab,….. There are upfront costs for the recruit. They all have ACCUSATIONS, which is a weak way of saying no evidence found to convict them of wrong doing.

      P.S.S Good job on using the word ACCUSATIONS to influence ignorant people without opening yourself to libel.

      • Look all anyone has to do is Google the company WMA and WFG. I hardly think me writing here about it is changing or influencing anyones opinion. All I did was aggregate the evidence that is all there and anyone would find w/ a simple Google search. I did not set out to discredit Monte at all. I just could not ignore the slew of evidence from all over. I would not be concerned that this little website is going to influence 1000s of people. And I know the MSM is owned by special interests. You are right to be concerned about that. These are “accusation” by groups and people not me. Nothing in here comes close to libel. You would have to show I showed a “reckless disregard for the truth” and I did my due diligence here to make sure I was providing the best evidence available.

    • Ridiculous article, I am appalled and sickened by what you have written here. I’ m guessing because of freedom of speech it covers you penning ugly lies, rumors and twisting truths to make an article salacious enough to be interesting to read.
      This will be long so stay with me.
      Truth: I know the holm family and they are truly amazing, hardworking, giving, honest, people. They give and serve constantly.

      Truth: they love and support their children and their endevors. When Jef approached them to go on the Bachelorette they were not supportive in the beginning because of the unwantd attention to their family. the reason they would not appear on the Bachelorette is because they are currently serving a mission in Columbia, south Carolina (not in North Carolina) (lie) when accepting an assignment like this to be in charge of a mission they agree they cant leave the area, it is a big responsibility. mind you it is a volunteer situation, they do it on their own dime for three year.

      Truth they did not want to open up their lives to anyone, they are private hard working people who should stay out of the public eye because of people like you who judge by untruths and make up false information to suit your needs for again a salacious article. Jef choose to be in the show. his parents did not… They are not free game. It was their choice to stay quiet and private! theynare just quietly living their lives and serving others.! Leave them alone..
      Truth: they do not live on their Ranch but a home that they have had for 16 years, they built and have raised their children in.

      Truth: WFG is not a pyramid. It is commission based, not paid from joining fees… BTW they get a securities and insurance license at their own expense. It is a highly regulated industry!
      I am a client and couldn’t be happier! I know some of the company Leadership and they are men and women of integrity. They help people get out of debt, sell great financial products and help families and individuals make good and wise money decisions.
      Also as with any successful company some people choose not to follow the rules. You cannot judge the CEO and or leaders of good companies or corporations because of the bad choices of of a few rogue employees. Those secret service guys who broke the rules dont reflect poorly on our president. If you read the fine print of the articles you gleaned some of your information from, you would read that those individuals who did chose to do the wrong things were terminated, sanctioned and fined!, Mr Holm and his company, WFG are wonderful examples of people helping people and the American Dream.
      He is one of the most honest people I know. They deserve an apology from you for the out right lies you have told here, as well as the hit on his integrity. Where is your integrity? Just because you call yourself a journalist, does that give the right to lie? When all is said and done all you really have is how you have treated others, and your integrity.

      • But I did take your comments about him not living on the ranch and not being on camera due to mission to heart and changed that part because I believe you on those points.

        Believe me we were really hoping the Holm money was totally legit. We LOVE Jef. He seems very solid and upstanding. I was shocked when I came across this info and disappointed and as much as Id like to say that there a good chance Monte was no part of the shady actions by WFG or WMA, after seeing how extensive and how long his time w/ the company has been it is very difficult to think he wasnt well-aware of all the alleged fraud behavior.

        • What this you say about Jef? That you love him? Gimme a break! What is love to you? To use your pen to destroy his family? That’s what you’d call love if someone did that to your family? Pitiful. Since you like to quote scripture… what do you REALLY believe about Jef? I don’t know who he is, but is he a genuine person, authentic, real, caring, honest? Is he? Really? What have YOU seen of him? How well do YOU really know HIM? Well then, if he is indeed such a fine young man, as you claim, then where did he come from? “Ye shall know them by their fruits… for a bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit, neither can a good tree bring forth bitter fruit.” Yes, good people can raise kids who make dumb decisions like get into drugs, etc. and people with challenges often have children grow-up to be exemplary citizens, but if whatever you see good in Jef is so innate and a part of him, then it was something he learned in a home where his upbringing came from parents who were likewise caring, decent, hardworking, giving, and of integrity. Now that I know you are a journalist, I will discard much of what you have written as just more from that whole corrupt industry, the gossip rags of America, that are more interested in a salacious story and circulation. Journalism school also explains where you learned your craft, to be able to write skillfully and convincingly as though you are “reporting.” You are a destroyer, not an uplifter or inspiring person, and it is a shame you are not using your skills to accomplish good in the world. Your expose was not about him, but yourself.

      • as far as WFG being above board….the tsunami of complaints online suggests something is not right as does the long history of SEC charges. I did not make any allegations that were not published from reliable sources. Your complaints should be directed to Bloomberg and CNN not me. as far as the industry being regulated??? You know how that “regulation” of financial services has been going right? Its a joke…just like Madoff was regulated.

        • You are so uneducated about the financial services industry. If you bothered to do any real research through reliable sources, you would know that Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs, as well as other large financial services companies, have many many more sanctions and fines than World Financial Group (WFG). WFG is a part of Transamerica which is one of the most admired companies in the world. You keep saying read the “sources” you cite. However, you seem to have gotten your information from Wikapedia, NOT a reliable source because anyone can edit Wikapedia, and Bloomberg which has a strong connection to Merrill Lynch, which helped in the founding of Bloomberg News (can you say competitor?). Your article is in fact full of false accusations against a legitimate business. There is no truth to your accusations. You seem to not be able to comprehend truth and are bent on believing what you read on the internet instead of using your brain and doing real research. If you like, I can list the ton of major fines Merrill Lynch has had which dwarfs what WFG has ever had, most of which was prior to its purchase by Aegon, which uses the Transamerica name brand in the US.


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