When is the JP and Ashley wedding? Sometime this fall!

*UPDATE: 10/15/12* The wedding has been scheduled for December of 2012!

*UPDATE: 10/1/12* Sources have just confirmed that the big JP and Ashley wedding will be happening before the new year and it WILL be televised! Their save-the-date cards have just been sent out, although the date and location listed on those cards remain unknown…..for now! We will let you know when we receive more details. Exciting!


Now, we apologize in advance if you clicked through to this article because you were enticed in a very Wetpaint kind of way by our awesome headline, only to discover that this is a speculation post, as opposed to a post based on HARD EVIDENCE. But, we did want to share our speculation about the upcoming JP Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert wedding!

First of all, The Bachelorette couple originally stated they would likely get married in early 2012. Then, they went on record stating that the anticipated date of their nuptials was moved to Fall 2012. And, it’s now Fall 2012.

Secondly, if ABC were smart about it, they would choose to air a televised JP and Ashley Wedding Event during The Bachelor “off season,” which, sadly, extends for far too long, from mid-September all the way through early January. Planning the “Team Cupcake” wedding for sometime this fall would just make sense.

And third, Mr. Spoiler, Reality Steve, said, in last Thursday’s video post, that he fully expected JP and Ashely to tie the knot “before the end of the year.” And, when Reality Steve says something like that, you know it’s based on more than simply mere speculation and opinion because Reality Steve has legal wiretaps and other insider-y means of gleaning otherwise Top Secret intel. And, he’s *rarely* wrong.

So, will JP Rosenbaum and Ashely Hebert get married sometime this fall?? And will it be aired on ABC? WE REALLY HOPE SO! If you’d like to encourage ABC to televise the wedding, please vote in our poll below… We will be sending the results to ABC!

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