Micro Situation Recap: Bachelor Canada episode 1, eh!

Welcome to Penny Farthing’s micro recap. These will be the opposite of the typical War and Peace-length recaps that a lot of bloggers out there are doing. I mean…some of these bloggers even include commentary on the commercials that air during the franchise’s two-hour Monday time slot!

I prefer to read a recap that takes less than the show’s running time to get through. So, we’re providing an alternative for those of you (like us) that prefer to read fun, quick recaps. If you’d like to read longer tomes, we do have some favorite (lengthy) Bachelor/ette bloggers we can refer you to — just ask!

Bachelor Canada episode 1 recap

I was *finally* able to watch the premiere of Bachelor Canada last night online, via posted videos on a Facebook group page for one of the contestants. I mean, who knew it’d be so hard to figure out how to watch the show here in the U.S.! Note: Please continue to post your ninja viewing moves in the comments section if you’re in the U.S. – Thanks!

First of all, I was actually fairly impressed with Bachelor Brad Smith. Honestly, he seemed way more “Bachelor material” than a lot of the picks for the U.S. show lately. I love that he’s a former professional football player for the Edmonton Eskimos, which just sounds so Canadian it’s amazing! In general, he seems like a fairly stand-up dude. We’ll just have to see if, as the show progresses, he falls into the same trap as the U.S. Bachelors, aka picking the girl you want to sleep with instead of the girl you think you’d be able to spend the rest of your life with. History proves the Bachelorettes have been much better at doing this. And, considering Brad gave his first impression rose to the fake-boobed and sultry Whitney, I’m already not holding out much hope for this guy finding his “till death do we part,” but I will continue to hold out hope!

Ok, now onto the show’s host, Tyler Harcott. I’m glad Night One still included a hosed-down driveway and a lot of zoom-ins on the amazing ladies dropping their high-heeled landing gears out of the limos. But, without having Chris Harrison there to really set up the show, and knowing he’s not waiting in the wings, ready to handle any and all amazing lady situations, it’s JUST NOT THE SAME! As an aside: How tall is Tyler Harcott? He makes Brad Smith look like a lawn gnome when he stands next to him!

Now, I know Gabriella was uber dramatic and bitchy, but, other than her, one thing I noticed was HOW MUCH NICER all of the ladies seemed to be to each other! I mean, for the first time in Bachelor history, we saw a lady AGREE to giving someone “two more minutes” when trying to swoop in for the Night One Cocktail Party steal! I couldn’t believe my ears when she said, “yeah, that seems fair! See you in 2!” HA! Amazing!

The other situation of the night was definitely “Bubba.” I rather liked her and how feisty she was, but telling a guy that your nickname is “Bubba” is just…….not the best move on Night One.

Also, I was amazed by how much Bianca looks like Kim Kardashian! Crazy that she dated Kim’s ex-husband, Kris Humphries, for two years!

And the Canadian accents! I am loving them. It’s like a house full of Jillian Harris’, who is one of our favorite all-time Bachelorettes. Viva, Canada!


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