Burning Love: Episode 07-09

Burning Love: Episode 07 Mark (Ken Marino) takes the girls roller-skating and one of the girls discloses a past relationship she had that ended tragically in a roller rink. Another girl goes into labor and gives birth to a child during the group date. This episode is jam-packed with situations!


UPDATE 2/14/2013


Burning Love Season 2 JUST started!!! Click here!


Unfortunately Yahoo took down the ninja copies of Burning Love 1 on the internet but you can still watch burning Love 2 and Burning Down the House on the links below.

BTW, don’t forget to watch Burning Love Burning Down the House. It is pretty amazing!

Burning Love: Episode 08: Somebody (Natasha Leggero) has entered into an inappropriate relationship with someone on the Burning Love staff and has to go home immediately.

Burning Love: Episode 09: The lesbian engages in a pillow fight with the girls and appears to be developing feelings for one of them. She is also feeling a lot of anxiety about her relationship with Mark. Mark takes Tamara (the girl with the monkey heart) and Carly on a 2 on 1 date to work out. Mark wants to make sure his future life-partner isn’t going to get fat.

Watch it here on Yahoo.

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