Situation: The Bachelor Sean Lowe shirtless (Photos)

One thing about our next Bachelor seems to be unanimous among all fans: We want to see Sean Lowe shirtless!

I know we got to see a lot of the likes of Bachelors Brad Womack and Jake Pavelka sans shirts, but last season’s Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, although quite the looker, just wasn’t as much of a shirtless phenom as some historical Bachelors. But, for The Bachelor 2013 (Season 17) the shirtless Bachelor is back!

And, a Twitter account recently popped up called @SeanLowesAbs. I mean, Sean Lowe’s abs are now Tweeting! That’s how much of a situation they are! And, his abs have way more followers than we do, so please make us feel better by following us at @TisASituation.

I’m expecting quite a few gratuitous “taking a shower” and “slowly walking up the stairs out of the pool” and “jogging on an LA-area beach” shots this season, especially in tonight’s “get to know Sean Lowe” montage for the premiere. You know — a look back at Sean’s journey on The Bachelorette (shirtless), followed by a preview of Sean’s journey as the Bachelor (shirtless).

Anyway, we’re getting to the good stuff here, folks. Here are a bunch of photos we’ve found from sleuthing Google of Sean Lowe without a shirt. Yes!

Bachelor Sean Lowe shirtless Bachelor Sean Lowe shirtless

Photo Sources: Twitter, ABC, Sophienette

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