What ethnicity is The Bachelor’s Catherine Giudici?

Catherine Giudici, The Bachelor, Sean Lowe

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We have an exciting update on this breaking story! Catherine’s father, Carey Giudici has contacted us with some details on his daughter’s heritage! Thanks Carey.

Thanks for the friendly and informative blog post. Actually my ancestors are from Switzerland (hence the Italian name) and Scotland. A number of friends and I will be watching The Bachelor for the first time. Very proud of her.

When she was in kindergarten a TV news crew talking about the US Census asked her on-camera if she knew how many people live in the US and she answered “Eleven”–the number of kids in her class. So she has some prior broadcast experience.

Original Post:

This season of The Bachelor showcases some amazing ladies of varying ethnicities. (Looks like ABC and their attorneys were responding to critics that claim the show is nothing but boring white people). So, this season, casting directors added a little flavor. One flavor we had to investigate was 26-year-old visual designer/vegan food blogger from Seattle, Catherine Giudici, who is the most ethnically enigmatic of the bunch.

And we have a verdict….

Drumroll please….

Catherine Giudici is of Filipino and Italian heritage (Swiss ancestors are responsible for the Italian name, see update).

Her father is Carey Giudici, a professional writer/journalist that lives in Taiwan. (That explains where Catherine gets her journalistic talent.)

Here is his LinkedIn profile. He is bilingual in English and Japanese. Dad is where Catherine gets the “Italian” last name and Caucasian part of her ethnic mix.

Her mother Cynthia Mejia Giudici is actually a second generation Filipino-American, but her parents are originally from Pangasinan, Philippines.


Ok, so there you have it! Situation solved!

Sean seems to like a little flavor in his girlfriends. He also dated African-American DCC Ryan Ray for a while.


7 thoughts on “What ethnicity is The Bachelor’s Catherine Giudici?”

  1. “nothing but boring white people” – So that they are White makes them “boring”? But of course, being “of color” means you are “exciting”. Typical leftist bias, coming out of the mouths of those who follow the leftist media bosses like good little slaves.

    • ha ha!! we say that tongue and cheek…more in response to the ridiculousness of the claim that white people are boring. the truth is boring people come in all colors, races, sexes and orientations!!! we just want to be entertained for the love of god! give us some charisma. we don’t care what color it is.

  2. Sean Lowe is extremely fortunate to have found Catherine. Catherine is gorgeous spirituality as well as her personality. Both of her parents must be brilliant folks as is apparent, Catherine is brilliant. I sure hope her Daddy is the one who walks her down the isle when she and Sean marry. Catherine is SO grounded! I am impressed with both of her parents’ educational backgrounds and professions. I knew the name Giudici was Italian as I have a friend who is an Italian Journalist and I had the opportunity to live in Italy. Catherine should make Woman of the Year. She has it all together. I had heard she was part French, and I said, no way, she is half Italian, but now we learn Swiss. When she was in Thailand, I noticed the tips of her beautiful long hair were fringed with blond hair from the sun. Thank you for this blog.

  3. The dude obviously has some italian in him, Italy is also a bordering country. Your last name is Italian, do a little research…Just sayin

    • Catherine is an outstanding young woman. She has good looks, great intellect, spirituality, and a wonderful sense of humor. I knew her last name was Italian. I had heard French, but I have a friend who is an Italian journalist, and, as a young woman, I had the opportunity to live in Casle Monferrato for a year. Sir, you have an outstanding daughter. She is so down to earth and so humble, yet fun-loving.

      • she is right? i thought if she didnt win theyd make her the bachelorette in a heartbeat. She has really got it together!!


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