Catherine Giudici age, religion, ethnicity, family, etc

Bachelor star Catherine Giudici, 29 and Bachelor husband Sean Lowe, 32 will star on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars on Friday, Dec. 4th on WE tv. Catherine was one of our favorite contestants on The Bachelor to investigate–from her intriguing ethnicity, to her religious conversion for Sean to her very difficult family history—Catherine is a fascinating reality … Read more

More on Catherine Giudici’s ethnicity


Last year we wrote about 27-year-old Catherine Giudici’s ethnicity since it was a question we were curious about. Who knew the rest of the world would also be looking for the same answer. Lucky for us Catherine’s father Carey saw our story and weighed in. Thanks for the friendly and informative blog post. Actually my … Read more

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici talk about having kids

Sean Lowe, 29, and Catherine Giudici, 27, are getting excited about their upcoming wedding on Jan. 26. The two are now starting to reveal details about what they want in their marriage and that includes kids! Click here for the details on the Sean and Catherine wedding! The couple is presently in Dallas celebrating the Holidays. Radar … Read more

Why Sean is having doubts about Catherine Giudici?

Catherine Giudici is definitely a fan favorite as well as a Sean Lowe favorite this season. She seems to be the uber catch, but apparently Sean was having some doubts about Catherine Giudici and a future with her. Certainly Catherine’s concerned sisters didn’t help matters. They confided in Sean that Catherine: “had a strong desire to … Read more

Catherine Giudici: new documents reveal an abusive violent past

Catherine Giudici has been the most level headed and down to earth lady this season of The Bachelor so it’s hard to imagine that she experienced such a violent and tumultuous past.  In fact we commented about how “normal” her parents appeared-an anomaly for The Bachelor. So to our surprise some documents have just emerged … Read more

What ethnicity is The Bachelor’s Catherine Giudici?

[alert type=’alert’] Update! 1/4/13 [/alert] We have an exciting update on this breaking story! Catherine’s father, Carey Giudici has contacted us with some details on his daughter’s heritage! Thanks Carey. Thanks for the friendly and informative blog post. Actually my ancestors are from Switzerland (hence the Italian name) and Scotland. A number of friends and I will be … Read more