Lindzi and Kalon breakup

Well Bachelor Nation it looks like Bachelor Pad 3‘s most successful love story has come to an end. Yes, it’s true Lindzi and Kalon are Donesville and Lindzi’s been sent packing to “Dumpsville” yet again…sigh.

Apparently the two broke up earlier this month.

Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox dating after Bachelor Pad 3Let’s be honest: the relationship always seemed doomed. D-bag Kalon McMahon couldn’t hide his douche-baggery for long, but what is surprising is that Lindzi wanted to make it work. So Wetpaint interviewed the Bachelor Pad alumn about the situation and here is some of what she said.

Everyone loved you and Kalon together. What went wrong?

I loved Kalon and I together too! He was a complete surprise. I didn’t go into Bachelor Pad with any intention of falling in love, but they always say when you least expect it is when it happens. After the show we both put effort in making it work, but as most people know having a long distance relationship can be tough. I was willing to go the extra mile but unfortunately Kalon wasn’t in a position to meet me halfway.

He’s based in California and you’re in Seattle. Did the long distance play a role?
“This was my first experience with a long distance relationship, and what I took away from it is that you need to truly trust one another and be 100% dedicated to make it work. Without communication and trust, it’s just hard to continue to build a healthy relationship.”

Hmmmmm is Lindzi trying to tell us something? Did Kalon betray her trust? Maybe Dallas based Bachelor Spoiler Reality Steve can do some phone tapping for us fans and find out exactly what happened.


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