The Bachelor Season 17 episode 2 recap: Your faves weigh in

Welcome to THE LOWE DOWN for The Bachelor Season 17 episode 2. Every week, I will be rounding up a collection of voices from across Bachelor Nation that are weighing in weekly on The Bachelor. If you know of other blogs/bloggers out there that I should include, please let me know in the comments section below and I will add them!

This week, it was all about Desiree Hartsock, IMHO. After watching Sean share a forced and awkward kiss with Sarah Herron, followed by a better-but-still-less-genuine kiss with Lesley Murphy, we finally got to see some serious sparks fly in the Desiree-and-Sean pool makeout scene. I think she’ll be sticking around for a while.

Other high/low-lights from the episode:

1. Amanda Meyer’s construction crew-esque bright yellow dress at the Rose Ceremony. Wow! I’m no color palette expert, but that hue was not doing wonders for her complexion. And all of her psycho-sour expressions were simply amazing! I’m sure she’s sticking around at the show producer’s request. They always like to keep the mentally unstable ones around as long as the lead will allow to stir up some fun-for-TV house drama.

2. I was SO GLAD that the date with Sarah Herron was a “free fall” adrenaline date as opposed to what I was previously speculating might have been the classic “rappelling down the side of a tall building” date. You can read more about my “arm situation” fears in this post here. I’m glad ABC didn’t go there.

3. All of the art on Desiree’s art gallery date was GOD AWFUL! I know some pretty talented artists in the Los Angeles area and it’s too bad ABC didn’t elect to feature some of their work on national television. 🙁

4. Where are God and JC? All Sean could talk about on Emily’s season was his love for Jesus Christ and God this and God that. Thus, I expected Sean to be grilling these girls about their faith nonstop. But, I don’t think I’ve heard a peep about JC yet! Is ABC just editing it all out? Did they tell him to leave JC out of the convos? It’s just surprising because he couldn’t stop talking about religion on The Bachelorette, so it’s obviously an important element in his ultimate amazing lady selection process.

Ok, enough from me….. Let’s see what some of your faves had to say about episode 2!

Bachelor Sean Lowe blogs episode 2:

My final date of the week was with Desiree. I was excited for this date because we got along so well the first night and she was so funny. I knew she’d be the perfect person for the prank I had planned. The prank was hilarious and she was such a good sport about everything, but the best part of the date took place at my bachelor pad.

Talking to Dez by the fire was everything I hoped it would be. I was clicking on every level with her and I could feel myself really starting to fall for her. She’s witty, sarcastic, intelligent, loving, caring and our morals seemed to line up. And not to mention, she’s so beautiful! This girl has it all.

We ended the night with a very romantic dip in the hot tub and of course I gave Dez a rose. I left that date thinking that Dez might just be the one for me.


Bachelor host Chris Harrison blogs episode 2:

I was so happy we were able to get the cameras to Sean’s house in time to catch him in the middle of his workout… pardon me, his shirtless workout. I did feel a little bad when we accidentally caught him in the middle of his shower. But being the man he is, Sean took it all in stride and got ready for his week of first dates. Sarah got the first one-on-one date and was as nervous as she was excited. It always amazes me every time we land a helicopter on the driveway of the mansion. The space it lands on isn’t very wide and I’m always so impressed with the pros that land those choppers each time.


Bachelor fan Office Stace blogs episode 2:

Sean is still coming off like a genuine, all-around great guy.  If you recall Ben Flajnik’s season, I had really high hopes for him based on what we saw of his personality on Ashley Hebert’s season.  Then we witnessed his kind behavior diminish during his time as Bachelor.  He was borderline rude to some of the ladies who brought to his attention that Courtney Robertson was no angel.  I don’t think we’re going to find that with Sean.  He’s so damn pure at heart and his whole “I want to protect and provide for (his future wife) and be her rock, etc.” has these ladies melting before him.


The Bachelor Expert blogs episode 2:

Besides Lesley, Desiree is my girl. She is funny, pretty and totally the girl next door. Sean and the crew set her up to believe she broke an expensive art piece. Think Bachelor meets What Would You Do? She handled it so well, to the extent Sean felt awful. Chris Harrison was getting way too much entertainment out of that. Her dress was fabulous for the second week in a row. He keeps calling her Des which shows he likes and is very comfortable with her. They have similar families with the same values. Once she passed the test, she got to have hot tub time. Are their abs compatible? ABSolutely! Somehow I still ate cookies for breakfast after watching these two. I love that she joked with him about accepting the rose. She said she felt like he was her boyfriend, which is way more reassuring than “falling in love.”


Bachelor blogger Lincee of ihategreenbeans blogs episode 2:

Sean admits that some of these girls would be super fun to date while others are worth paddling down a creek for. He needs to figure out which is which.

Lindsay wisely apologizes for her champagne-induced wedding gown shenanigans before throwing in the small fact that her dad is a general in the Army. Fearful that he will be drafted, Sean admits that she’s a pretty cool chick that he’d like to get to know better.

I know the show pegged Amanda as the crazy one that makes everyone super uncomfortable with her weird coffee drinking habits and I will concede that she is being portrayed as someone who is trying to ease off the meds during her journey to find love. Amanda spends most of the cocktail party with her arms crossed, sitting on the sofa completely by herself unless drunk Daniella is quizzing her about that mythological city under water which she eventually learns from Lesley M that the proper name is “the Hades.”


Bachelor fashion blogger Possessionista blogs episode 2:

bacheloramandabachelor style

Amanda’s yellow rosette shoulder dress and statement necklace

Dress: ABS

See it at Saks and 6PM (on sale in red)

Necklace: JCrew (I think)


Bachelor fan Knox McCoy blogs episode 2:

GUYS YOU AREN’T GOING TO BELIEVE THIS BUT SHE LEADS OFF WITH A ONE ARM STORY. It’s something about her wanting to do some thing dangerous in Las Vegas but the company won’t let her because she might die and this becomes a referendum on her as a person or something. Lots of close ins on the arm. Sarah relays that the conclusion her dad drew was that she needed to find a big strong man to help her from the big, bad liability clauses stipulated in contractual literature. What, Sarah’s Dad? How about empower yourself like J Lo in that movie where her husband hits her and then she trains and empowers herself and beats him up.

Back at the most boring date ever, Sarah keeps talking and I just think how awkward they look on their chaise lounge they are sitting on. It’s a stone cold lock that she’s getting a rose and Sarah acts stunned and then says “Thank yeeewwww.”

Then they kiss like two 4th graders. It’s seriously awkward, you guys. Sean’s lips are pursed like they are constipated.


Bachelor fan Marie-Eve (@marieevefast) blogs episode 2:

The Sean/Desiree convo about their parents was adorable.  They obviously have similarities and I feel like they are very compatible.  They are looking for the same thing: A best friend.  Unlike their conversation in the hot tub, which I could not pay attention to, being so distracted by the pool gargling sounds.

Bottom line Dez could not have looked better in that bathing suit.  WOW.  I feel like this joke really set up their relationship in a playful way, even in the way she accepted the rose, or “almost didn’t”.  In their words (they both said this, is this a sign): “He’s feeling me and I’m feeling him.”  So they made out.  With some hands.  YEAH.


Bachelor blogger Lost Angeles blogs episode 2:

Final date went to Joey Potter, the bridal store woman who gave up on Dawson and is bringing her weird Katie Holmes mouth movements and just Alba-enough looks into the dark horse role.  SL is way into her.  So much so, that he let a still blazed Chris Harrison talk him into playing a prank on her.

A 1.5 million dollar sculpture falls over when she’s alone in a room and the worst actor in the world accuses her while Harrison and Sean eat Hot Cheetoes and Skittles with Big Gulps in the next room.  Seemed like Joey Potter knew this was a prank, but she’d have been sure if she knew what Chernobyl was, the place the glass from the sculpture was reclaimed from.  For those of you at home, it’s radioactive.  It was absurd.  It was over her head.

She brought her rocking body to the hot tub party and got some gross ass Strawberry Lemonade kisses.  She’s in good shape.

Source: Lost Angeles blog

Sean Lowe’s sister Shay blogs episode 2:

5. When Sean was on the Bachelorette, did he pay for his own wardrobe?  What about the girls on the Bachelor?
Yes, they pay for their own wardrobe.  We actually went shopping with him and helped him pick out stuff.  Well…Andrew and Sean shopped and Mom, Dad, the kids and I watched.  Those two guys are such fierce shoppers!  For the Bachelorette, he packed his suitcases with what he thought he needed for up to 11 weeks and headed off to Charlotte.  As the lead on the Bachelor, his wardrobe was provided.  I asked a producer once and she told me the same was true for the girls on the Bachelor.  Everyone provides their own wardrobe.  She explained it like this…they want contestants on the show who really want to be there for the right reasons (not for a free wardrobe or a big fat check).  Having to sacrifice a little to be on the show, shows the producers which girls are in it for the right reasons and which ones aren’t.  As for the lead having their wardrobe provided…it’s just another nice perk to being the center of the show.

6. Did Sean get to ask the girls about their faith?

Yes.  Sean was able to talk to them about anything and everything.  They obviously can’t show every single second of each week in a two hour show, so you may or may not see him ask everyone, but yes, faith was discussed.

Read more at Mix and Match Family

Mark Lisanti Bachelor blogs episode 2:

Helicopters are the limousines of the sky. What they might lack in some of the luxury amenities of your typical stretch Hummer — the minibar, the neon lighting, the DVD player stocked with tasteful, couples-oriented pornography — they more than make up for in the fact that you are hovering inside the belly of a steel angel above a breathtaking cityscape, a snow-capped mountaintop, or the landing pad of the only local hospital equipped to deal with the exotic, life-threatening injury you’ve just sustained on an extreme date. If your heart does not flutter at the very sight of whirring blades and an honorably discharged ex-Navy pilot wearing giant headphones, perhaps The Bachelor isn’t for you. You’re going to ride in a helicopter, and you’re going to like it. No, scratch that: You’re going to clutch your chest and realize something amazing is about to happen to you, probably involving a significant amount of personal danger. Enjoy the ride while you can, marveling at the beautiful world below; when you step off the copter, there’s either going to be a blanket and picnic basket waiting for you, or some kind of elaborate harness meant to prevent your untimely demise when you are hurled from the top of a skyscraper.


Former Bachelorette contestant Chris Bukowski blogs episode 2:

The girls receive the dreaded group date card, and of course we hear one girl utter the same words we hear every season “I didn’t come here to make friends, I came here for love!” Well, take what you can get, ladies, even if that means competing with a professional model in a photo shoot competition. The girls are whisked away to hair and makeup where Tierra is, once again, sizing up her competition. Kristy, the professional model, is completely in her element. Trust me, she is, she made sure to tell everyone a handful (or two handfuls) of times. The girls get made up into four different categories…one including vampires, I don’t know if it’s just me but for some reason Sean doesn’t strike me as a vamp lover, which sucks for the girls with fangs in their mouth during an “intimate” photo shoot. Anyway, no matter how Selma looked, how many “pecks” were given, or how hard anyone tried, Kristy took home the three cover contract with Harlequin novels, and it seemed as though there was definite chemistry between the two.

Source: Bachelor.TV

Former Bachelorette contestant Michael Stagliano blogs episode 2:

Last thing about this episode that I thought was worth pointing out was Lindsay.  Trust me, I was with you guys. The wedding dress, first dance, kiss fail combo had her all but out the door for me and this week, those few moments she had with Sean were AWESOME. Their “best friend” conversation was really special and cool. I was very glad to see her get a rose.

Oh wait, one more thing: neon-green-flower-shoulder pads. THAT was unbelievable. Again, I don’t know much about women’s formal wear (see Episode 1 blog), but what the H was going on there? That means, that she looked in the mirror, checked her lipstick, played with her hair, looked at her shoulders and thought, “yea… those look good!”  I didn’t hear a word she said (also because she didn’t say anything) the whole night because I couldn’t not look at those things. Whew, ok, I digress.

Source: Bachelor.TV

Former Bachelor contestant Jaclyn Swartz blogs episode 2:

We start the episode out with Sean in the weight room (cue Tommy Boy reference), and I’m thinking…I’M SERIOUSLY OVER THE ABS. I am. I’ve said it. Look, he’s got em…just like I’ve got boobs. His abs can’t carry a show, and neither can my…well, actually yes they can. But in all seriousness, I am hoping we pick up some steam in episode 2. I thought episode 2 of our season last year, was the BEST comedic performance on many levels. If you don’t remember, go search and re-watch. You’re welcome.

Source: Bachelor.TV

Former Bachelor contestant Courtney Robertson blogs episode 2:

Before the rose ceremony Sean takes the time to love up the girls that didn’t get a date this week. It’s fun to see him realize how many girls who could potentially be a connection. I also loved watching his conversation with Lindsay. She says she’s looking to marry her best friend too, such a coincidence. We see Amanda sitting there quietly, while the other girls talk about her. Can’t help but wonder what’s going on in her head. I never sat around talking about the other girls; I just took my frustrations out in the interview room. But it’s happening again, clicks are being formed and it’s interesting for me to see Kacie B in the center of it all. I hope these girls don’t make the mistake of getting caught up in the house drama. Goodbye to Diana and Brooke, those beauties won’t have trouble finding love. I do feel for Sean, he has a lot of great women to choose from. This is definitely going to make for one interesting season.

Source: Bachelor.TV

Former Bachelor contestant Natalie Getz blogs episode 2:

Rubbing himself down inappropriately in the shower, Sean thinks about how hot all the girls he met last night were.  For the record, when I take showers it’s an “in and out” process that is necessary in order to smell good in public.  I don’t think I have ever caressed myself in such a way in order to look sexy for nothing but the shower curtain.  I’m definitely going to try Sean’s shower moves out tonight to see if I can make myself feel as uncomfortable as Sean had made me feel.

Source: Bachelor.TV

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