Sean Lowe weighs in on getting tricked by Tierra

Sean Lowe spoke to Access Hollywood  recently to weigh-in on getting tricked by Tierra LiCausi.

Sean comments about the second part of the two-night event on why he didn’t give emotionally unstable, Tierra the boot. Sean told Kit Hoover on Tuesday’s Access Hollywood Live when she asked if Tierra would “hoodwink” him “forever.”

“I get hoodwinked a little bit more,”

“She is good at what she does… at being this sweet, nice girl when she’s with me and being a completely, just devious, mischievous person when she’s around the women,” he added.

Sean claims he knows that Americans are shouting at their TV screens….(at least unlike poor Ben who actually ends up choosing the crazy girl in the end and has to defend his actions to the world Sean can smile knowing he eventually gets it — not really a spoiler — I can’t imagine anyone thinks Tierra has a chance).

“America is saying, ‘You idiot! How could you not see it?’” he says. “But, she showed me no signs of that.”

(Hmmmm, really, no signs? does he, or did producers encourage him to keep her around? Let’s be honest this girl is ratings gold.)

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