Ashlee Frazier: he’s just not that into you

Tonight we got to see Bachelor Sean Lowe confront the amazing ladies he sent home earlier in the season. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, but tonight one jaded amazing lady stole the show. Ashlee Frazier put Sean in the hotseat tonight in a serious way as she accused him of telling her he had no feelings for the other two ladies.

First of all, Ashlee, have you seen the show? Do you really expect Sean to fess up to dissing his final amazing ladies on National Television? And, don’t you know part of Sean’s journey to find love is that he doesn’t know who he wants to marry until the very last second after a heart to heart armchair love consult with Chris Harrison and after he has chosen a Neil Lane ring? I’m sure it’s even in his contract so I don’t think you can be too hard on the guy.

I actually believe you Ashlee. I think he did say that to you about Catherine and Lindsay. You could tell by his seancatherine--3885661566080906574posturing and his quivering mouth that you caught him, but really what did you expect him to say?

“Yes, I did tell you in Thailand in the Fantasy Suite that I was not into the other two ladies, but I was lying” or “Yes I did tell you that I wasn’t into the other two ladies and I wasn’t into either of them until the very end after I picked out Neil Lane rings.”

But I guess that’s why we love the show. Because no matter how many seasons have aired contestants invariably think they are the anomoly and the lead won’t have feelings for anyone else or be intimate with anyone else which always makes for an amazingly uncomfortable Women Tell All. We also ALWAYS believe that the lead hasn’t made up his mind until the very last second. And we love it that way.sean-ashlee

BTW, our favorite tweet tonight was from a fan that said “Ashlee organize this…Sean’s just not that into you”. (Remember Ashlee is the “personal organizer”). Major props to the fan with the quick wit!

As a side note everyone seems dying to know if Sean the born again virgin had sex in the Fantasy Suite with any of the ladies in Thailand. Well according to Reality Steve who is almost always right the answer is a shocking “no”.  Steve says “he did not sleep with any of these women.  You can pretty much take that to the  bank”.



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  1. I totally don’t believe AshLee. She was out to hurt Sean in the way that she felt hurt. She seemingly innocently want to asked him what happened, and ended with giving him good wishes. But, she wanted to humiliate him.

    I’m sure he knew he didn’t say what AshLee said he did. He know exactly how he felt and wouldn’t lie about his feelings. I believe that AshLee heard what she wanted to hear. She was so serious and still caught up with feeling “abandoned” 26 years previously. She is a woman who is emotionally scary. She should have been able to work through the adoption issues earlier. If she needed Sean to heal her heart from her adoption at age 6, she is too needy. Shades of Fatal Attraction.


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