Catherine Giudici Neil Lane engagement ring

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici Neil Lane engagement ring

We know fans are dying to see what Catherine Giudici’s engagement ring looks like after tonight’s tear-jerking finale!! Here it is Bachelor Nation….from Bachelor jeweler extraordinaire Neil Lane (BTW we love that Neil Lane flew out to Thailand with a box of rings in hand!). Catherine’s ring is a 3.15-carat platinum cushion cut diamond in … Read more

Are Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici astrologically compatible?

Are Sean and Catherine astrologically compatible? Watch out, Bachelor Sean is a Scorpio! — meaning he can be a very intense guy. Obviously Sean is very spiritual. Tonight we finally started hearing Sean talk about “prayer”, “faith” and Jesus. He clearly took his role as the Bachelor very very seriously. His Moon in Aries which … Read more

Catherine Giudici or Lindsay Yenter: Who Would Jesus Choose?


Sean Lowe has without a doubt been the most Christian Bachelor in Bachelor history. He consistently professed his devotion to JC on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette, but all the JC talk has been oddly absent this season. I mean Sean is choosing a life partner for the love of God and we haven’t … Read more

Sean Lowe is anxious to start a family!

Bachelor Sean Lowe shirtless

We are all anxiously awaiting Monday night’s finale of the Bachelor. If any Bachelor can make it to the alter it’s Sean Lowe. The 29-year-old fitness model and devout Christian is clearly eager to lose his “born again virginity” and start a family with his new life partner of 9 weeks. And according to a … Read more

Sean Lowe adorable childhood photos

wo more days until Sean chooses a future life-partner — choosing between finalists 24-year-old substitute teacher LindsayYenter and Washington-born advertising exec Catherine Giudici, 26. Everyone loves to see baby pictures of their crushes and we along with Catherine and Lindsay have all have developed quite a crush on 29-year-old six-foot tall college football star/ born-again … Read more

Ashlee Frazier: he’s just not that into you

Tonight we got to see Bachelor Sean Lowe confront the amazing ladies he sent home earlier in the season. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, but tonight one jaded amazing lady stole the show. Ashlee Frazier put Sean in the hotseat tonight in a serious way as she accused him of telling her he … Read more