Catherine Giudici discusses how she got involved in the Bachelor, and her upcoming wedding plans

Catherine Giudici the 26-year-old Seattle graphic artist just did a riveting interview with the Seattle Times about how she got involved in the Bachelor. It’s always fascinating to me that people would put themselves on national Television to find love. I mean who in their right mind would sign up for this show?!!!

Well in a phone interview with the Seattle Times Giudici claimed her best friend, Bellevue’s Crista Osher, signed her up for the Bachelor against her will. I love this detail.

“She signed me up against my will. She wanted me to find my J.P.,” Giudici said, referring to J.P. Rosenbaum winner of Ashley Hebert’s season. Giudici said:

“I was skeptical about truly falling in love with somebody because it’s such an unnatural experience,” … “But I obviously shattered those [fears] pretty quickly and found the man of my dreams.”

“I was a fan of Ashley and J.P.’s relationship and through that I found my Sean.”

Catherine, unlike previous contestants who shall remain nameless but may have been engaged to Brad Womack, seemed really Ok with the fact that Bachelor Sean developed feelings for other women. I did like that Catherine seemed to be very well-grounded and had at least seen the show!!!

“I accepted and understood what I was getting into from the first night,” Giudici said this morning. “I don’t fault him for having feelings for multiple women. That’s what the show is about. Knowing he was conflicted doesn’t bother me, because the end result was he was in love with me.”

“Luckily there at the end I did receive the clarity I was looking for,” Lowe said–we love how the clarity always comes the morning of the dramatic engagement! “I’m in love with [Catherine] and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her and I didn’t share those same feelings with Lindsay even though I did love the person she is.”

And in case you are wondering how their relationship is now…..

“We stayed true to our relationship and kept in contact every day and got to see each other every couple of weeks in L.A.,” Giudici said.

And in case you are wondering “what’s next?”

She’s planning a move to Los Angeles to support Lowe on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and then to Dallas, where Lowe lives. (BTW as much as we LOVE this new couple we just can’t see this driven and accomplished young girl being happy in a Dallas suburb–we are hoping Sean will mix it up a little.)

“I’m probably going to look at other creative outlets in L.A.,” she said. “I still love Amazon and support them, but I will not be working for them when I am moving to L.A. or Dallas.”

So, sounds like the two have had a convo about where to settle down and another city besides Dallas is in the running.

And it sounds like the ink just dried on the ABC contract to televise the wedding as the announcement just came in yesterday! So the two are busy planning a wedding–let’s hope ABC springs for the cocktails this time!!

Sounds like ABC doesn’t have to worry about Giudici being a difficult diva because she claims:

“I grew up a tomboy,” ….“So I didn’t think about my wedding too much growing up.”

Oh man. I really like Sean, I really like Catherine. They are both solid as a rock unlike some previous contestants, but I have to confess I’m feeling pretty uneasy about the longevity of this new situation.

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