Catherine Giudici finally addresses the religion situation

Good God, we have been waiting all season to hear a peep about religion this season. We know Sean Lowe is Christian and that his faith is super important to him so it stands to reason that his life-partner would have to share a deep belief in JC, but we could not find a word about either Catherine or Lindsay’s religious orientation. So at last we have some details from Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici about religion from the LA Times.

Did you ever feel that dating multiple women  conflicted with your religious beliefs?

Sean: Kissing multiple people … did feel a bit unnatural, but that’s part of “The Bachelor.” You’re developing multiple relationships simultaneously.… Kissing is just part of showing affection, and it’s romantic. I don’t regret that, and I certainly don’t think anyone else really has had a problem with it either. I feel supported by a lot of people that share the same faith as me, and I think I’ve handled myself well.

What are your religious backgrounds?

Sean: I’m a Christian. That’s how I categorize myself, and that’s obviously a huge part of my life. I go to a non-denominational church, so I believe what the Bible says, basically, to sum it up.

Catherine: I grew up learning about different religions, but I have always been a believer of God. Right now, I’ve been going to a non-denominational church in Bellevue [Washington] and I’m exploring that path.… I’m excited to learn more about Christianity and be a believer, and that’s something that’s really important to our future and our family.

FINALLY!!!! Suddenly on the finale we heard the words “prayer and “faith” and “God”, but we were still on pins and needles waiting to hear Sean and Catherine actually talk about their religious beliefs. Sean Lowe is after all the MOST religious Bachelor in Bachelor history which made this season a first. I mean how does a devout Christian navigate dating 25 different women–especially when producers are pressuring him to lie to contestants and lead them on. It just sounds like a mega-situation for Sean or any Christian–which is probably why we saw Sean have a melt-down last night when he had to breakup with Lindsay.

I have to say part of me wonders if Catherine really into JC or if she is just so into Sean Lowe that she has suddenly found Jesus? Well no doubt if things don’t work out Chris Harrison will be there in a few months sitting in his armchair breaking down the situation.

What denomination are Sean and Catherine?  

Obviously he is Christian, but Christianity has many different subsets. The EXACT answer to that question is…..he is Baptist.

Catherine and Sean attend the Plymouth Park Baptist Church in Irving, Texas headed by Pastor Ken Branam.

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