Jodi Arias and the Mormon Conspiracy

Jodi Arias has been convicted of 1st degree murder of Travis Alexander, but many people are convinced that she did not act alone and are wondering if there is a more insidious explanation of what happened to 30 year-old Travis Alexander. She allegedly stabbed him 27 times and shot him in the head in June 2008.

Jodi’s bizarre sociopathic/Borderline Personality Behavior, zombie-puppet-like behavior has conspiracy theorists wondering if Jodi could be a Programmed Multiple, a witch, or an MKUltra mind controlled sex slave.

Her behaviors is consistent with someone who has suffered severe trauma which has shattered her core personality into fragments. If you know anything about the Monarch slaves you know Jodi fits the description to a tee.

And one thing that hasn’t really been explored in this case is the presence of the Mormon Church. In the 1990 a lot of info came out pointing to a lot of satanic ritual behavior and abuse that allegedly occurred in the church by many witnesses.

In Nov. 1991 the Salt Lake City Messenger reported allegations that a satanic cult had taken root in the Mormon Church.

They showed a highly secret memo written by a General Authority of the Mormon Church. This memo dated July 19, 1990, stated that he had met with “sixty victims” of “ritualistic child abuse,” and that “All sixty individuals are members of the Church.”

Many mainstream media outlets came out right after to validate the findings. The Salt Lake Tribune and the Mormon Church’s Deseret News printed the story.  The Chicago Tribune sent reporter, James Coates, to investigate the story. He wrote an article which contained the following statements:

“SALT LAKE CITY — Top officials of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints say they are investigating reports from members that, as children, they witnessed human sacrifices and suffered ‘satanic abuse’ at the hands of renegade Mormon-affiliated cliques.

“Glenn L. Pace, a member of the church’s three-man presiding bishopric, reported in a memorandum… that he is personally convinced at least 800 church-affiliated Satanists now are practicing occult rituals and devil worship…

“Pace’s memo, marked ‘Do Not Reproduce’ at the top, was made public last week by anti-Mormon crusaders Jerald and Sandra Tanner, who also played a key role in publicizing the so-called ‘White Salamander Letter.’

“The letter, which Jerald Tanner exposed as a forgery, made it appear that church founder Joseph Smith had been involved in folk magic…

“The Satanists’ ceremonies often are based loosely upon the Mormon church’s own rituals, according to Pace.

” ‘For example, the [Mormon church] verbiage and gestures are used in a [satanic] ritualistic ceremony in a very debased and often bloody manner,’ he wrote. ‘When the victim goes to the temple and hears the exact words, horrible memories are triggered.’ ” (Chicago Tribune, Nov. 3, 1991)

So what does all this mean? Well obviously we don’t really know, but Travis’ murder has all the marks of a ritual blood sacrifice and it makes me think about Travis’ involvement and Jodi’s involvement in the Mormon Church.

Jodi Arias allegedly stabbed Travis 29 times, shot him in the face, and slit his throat from ear to ear–all while taking photographs. When you actually see the crime scene photos and the magnitude of the stabbing wounds it’s really hard to believe she was physically capable of inflicting such injury.

For that reason I never believed she acted alone.  And if you look at this photo in his right eye you can see what appears to be the reflection of two people. So could these people have been in any way connected to the darker elements of the Mormon Church performing a ritual blood sacrifice?


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