Pope Francis, Petrus Romanus, Prophecy of Nostradamus and St. Malachy

Pope Francis, Petrus Romanus, Prophecy of Nostradamus and St. Malachy

Yesterday the world breathed a sigh of relief when the Vatican announced the new Pope Francis aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio had been chosen to rule the 1.2 billion Catholics around the world. The Catholic Church, elected the Argentinian born Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Yay! No “Petrus Romanus” promised by St. Malachy who would be the most malevolent human being on earth. Pope Francis certainly is not from Rome and Peter is nowhere in his name. This must mean he is the real deal, right?

Well hang on a second. Earlier I discussed the connection to Peter the Roman aka “Petrus Romanus”. But I want to expand on the connection.

We talked about how Pope Francis got his name to honor St. Francis, the patron saint of the poor and the environment (ding, ding, ding…see the UN Agenda 21).

St. Francis of Assisi baptized Giovanni (meaning “from God”), born Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone (notice Pietro is the Italian word for Peter as in “Peter the Roman”).

Francis was born wealthy but rejected his worldly life to join the poor in begging at St. Peter’s Basilica–(the same basilica where lightning struck just hours after Benedict stepped down). Francis was a zealous advocate of the strict principle of poverty.

This is key as the UN, IMF, World Bank make a giant leap into global domination preaching the importance of austerity. There is a reason the George Soros sponsored Occupy movement is supporting the new Robin-Hood tax– and so is the Vatican. See who is behind it here. The Vatican has also called for a “New Global Financial order”.

“52 former and current financiers have written to David Cameron and other European and world leaders calling on them to back Financial Transaction Taxes (FTTs) to raise revenue for “people in urgent need at home and in the world’s poorest countries”. In other words the criminal elite are calling for a global tax to help world poverty…hmmmm.

Take a look at this image from The Lost Book of Nostradamus. It shows the Pope holding 3 crosses in his right hand (symbolic of how he appears to the world) while he holds the globe and keys in his left hand (symbolically the hand that does things in secret). Remember Peter held “the keys to the kingdom”. And if this is in fact the last Pope who paves the way for the Anti-Christ, it would make sense that he would be the Anti-Peter that the church was built upon. I think the image is showing us the Pope holds the keys to the NEW kingdom, the new world order. The angel over his left shoulder is announcing the installment of this new kingdom. The sun also clearly points south which may be referring to this new Pope coming from the southern hemisphere.

Francis is one of the two patron saints of Italy (again, Peter, the Roman). Thus if there are only two patron saints in Italy, that would make him Peter, THE Roman as opposed to Peter A Roman.

Here is a quatrain from Nostradamus describing this Pope

This quatrain suggests a date of when the Vatican will have to conduct a Papal election.

Nostradamus Quatrain X-91

Roman clergy in the year 1609,

At the first of the year holding an election:

A gray and black king issued of the Companion [classmate],

Never was there one so wicked as he.

Here is some more information confirming what I am saying here. Prophecy expert John Hogue reacts to the selection of the new Pope– Pope Francis, on Coast to Coast am with George Noory. But I would disagree with John who “likes” this Pope. As an expert on Pope prophecy I would expect him to see through a facade particularly since the prophecy asserts that this evil Pope will appear benevolent.

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  1. I had read your article about Pope Francis. I totally agree with you he is the last pope. You have already given me permission to quote from your article in my book
    about the timing of the Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ and His Second Coming. Send me your addres and I will send you a copy of it. Which soon will be in Amazon and book stores. J. G. Lasso

  2. It would indeed appear that this Pope maybe the last Pope in the Roman Pantheon of Popes though he is 77 and could go off the scene quickly. Malachy has him in position 112 and in the Papist order of things he is number 266. He is the current leader of 1.2 billion Catholics or approximately 17.5 % of the world’s present population. This Pope does appear to care about the poor in his flock more than his predecessors and though his own personal character may appear above reproach he is still responsible for all the wrongs which the past 112 popes have done and for the wrongs done by the previous 154 popes. Several hundred doctrinal alterations have occurred in the Papal institution which would never would have been sanctioned by first century Christianity. Furthermore, the war dealing with the historicist-futurist analysis was won by the futurists in the twentieth century which means that when the true Messiah appears on the earth at his return which the present situation in Syria, Egypt and Israel appears imminent or most likely within two years, that Messiah will be identified with the Antichrist and the true Antichrist who will be sitting in Peter’s House modeled after Solomon’s Temple one might add will be perceived as Charlemagne fighting this Jewish Autocrat who comes from nowhere with harsh rules and regulations and wins every battle and war he is engaged in. The Jews will accept the Lion of the Tribe of Judah as their leader and Europe with their deep seated anti-semitism will reject this leader and will prop up the Papacy as their crusade to take back the Holy Land from a Jewish leader called Yahshua. If you wish to be educated by the Historicist position read Horae Apocalypticae by Eliot. Eureka by John Thomas. The Approaching End of the Age by Grattan Guiness and Light for the Last Days by the same author who is in fact related directly to the famous beer. Sir Isaac Newton the great scientist was also a proponent of this system and Barnes notes on the bible also supported this theological tradition. It will take several years to read these books in their entirety if they can be found as they are becoming rare. Google may have copied some on PDF files if lucky. Cheers! Those of you do not have much time to get up to speed as the events in the Middle East will soon dominate the news for the next thousand years and all the power in the world nuclear and otherwise will be useless as the sword of Damocles hovers over the earth and at that time the nations will rage and the waves will roar to absolutely no effect to the situation unleashed.

  3. Ok he is Latino but he’s only first generation Argentinian. so by the media saying he’s the first “non-European” it’s a but complicated and deceiving. I mean he is of full Italian background therefore he can still be Peter the roman.

  4. This diffamous article its in concordance with the angry of the complotist of Anglosaxon Century with the election of an southern american Pope.
    The Anglosaxon Century is the REAL New World Order

  5. This diffamous article its in concordance with the angry of the complotist of Anglosaxon Century with the election an an southern american Pope.
    The Anglosaxon Century is the REAL New World Order

  6. I think that the term “Petrus Romanus” is being misinterpreted. If you consider the Latin words themselves, it is a descriptive phrase rather than a name. “petrus” means “rock.” Malachy is not calling this pope “Peter the Roman,” but rather, “THE ROMAN ROCK!”


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