Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici saving sex for wedding night

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are in LOVE! But unlike in previous seasons the two have yet to consummate their love. But don’t worry because ABC is speeding things along. They apparently inked a deal to air the wedding the night the finale aired. So in other words it’s coming SOON!! And nothing to rush a couple to the alter like saving yourselves for marriage!

So no pressure Sean, but we would like to air your wedding on National Television the same day you and Catherine get pumped up to end your born again virginity! In a new interview with People, the couple explain why they’re waiting until marriage to get intimate.

“From my perspective, I’ve lived life kind of selfishly for a long time,” ….”Now, I’m going to try to live it the way I know to be right.”

And Catherine’s reasoning? “I honor him,” she says. (In other words, “I’m totally down to get the party started but my fiance is making me wait to rip his clothes off until it’s official”).

Alright, well let’s hope Sean is ready because if history is any indicator ABC is gonna throw this wedding together in a few weeks.

As a side note, it appears that many people suspect Sean is “gay” like they did with Jake Pavelka who also did not consummate his love with winner Vienna. We wouldn’t go that far…but let’s see what unfolds AFTER the ABC wedding!

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