Sean Lowe loses his born again virginity!

This is the kind of nugget we love! An insider is reporting to Life & Style that America’s favorite born-again-virgin/ State Farm Insurance agent, Sean Lowe DID have sexual intercourse (we know with born-again-virgins the definition of virginity gets confusing so let’s be clear) with Catherine Giudici BEFORE he proposed to her in Thailand.


Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

This report actually makes me feel a lot better. The idea of these two tying the knot without testing the waters was troubling me. And if Sean wants to pretend there was no sexy time in the Fantasy Suites for his parents that’s ok too.

The insider says “the first time was the night he proposed in Thailand” in their posh swanky Fantasy Suite at the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa. (I hate to think of those Fantasy Suites going to waste).

The insider told the magazine:

“Catherine has always respected Sean wanting to show his Christian side, but she honestly would never marry him without making sure they had sexual chemistry,” … “It’s all for the show and his parents.”

Another source claims Sean’s “whole born-again-virgin [image] is a bunch of B.S.,” and “something he made up for the show.”

Again this points to the ABC-Disney Christian Conspiracy!!!


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