Sean Lowe talks about his concerns about nudity, sex, his virginity & Fantasy Suite situations in regard to his Christian testimony

Bachelor Sean Lowe, 30, was certainly the MOST Christian Bachelor in Bachelor history. In fact, one reason we love the religion question is because ABC almost never addresses it! You would think that if you are choosing a life partner in 9 weeks you would want to know what religion your potential partner practiced. In fact, … Read more

Sean Lowe loses his born again virginity!

This is the kind of nugget we love! An insider is reporting to Life & Style that America’s favorite born-again-virgin/ State Farm Insurance agent, Sean Lowe DID have sexual intercourse (we know with born-again-virgins the definition of virginity gets confusing so let’s be clear) with Catherine Giudici BEFORE he proposed to her in Thailand. Phew! … Read more

The Sean Lowe fantasy suite dates: Sexy time?

Tonight is the big Sean Lowe Fantasy Suite date night. The night where the girls and Sean are given the option to “forgo their individual rooms” and stay together in a producer and camera-free fantasy love den, provided by ABC. Now, there have been plenty of stories about Sean and sex and born-again virginity and … Read more

Ashlee Frazier tries to warn Sean Lowe about Tierra

Ashlee Frazier, The Bachelor, Sean Lowe

On Monday, Feb. 11 episode of ABC’s Bachelor we will finally see someone come to Sean to warn him about Tierra’s emotionally unstable behavior. Ashlee Frazier, the 32-year-old professional organizer from Houston Texas addresses the delicate situation during a sunset beach one-on-one. Unlike Ben’s season where we witnessed many one-on-one sit-down attempts to warn Ben about … Read more

Sean Lowe hasn’t had sex in a long time

Last season of The Bachelorette Sean Lowe received a Fantasy Suite date card but much to our dismay Emily decided to keep the season G-rated and chose to not “stay as a couple in the Fantasy Suite” with any of her suitors. We knew Sean was really religious however we recently learned that he is really … Read more