Sean Lowe takes Catherine Giudici out for a romantic birthday

Well sounds like things are NOT over for Sean Lowe and fiance Catherine Giudici according to Us Weekly. Sean took Catherine out for her 27th birthday to Lisa Vanderpump‘s restaurant Villa Blanca for a romantic one-on-one (I LOVE it when 2 reality shows collide!).

Sean, 29, also tweeted Catherine a heartfelt message:

“Happy birthday to my beautiful and wonderful fiancée @clmgiudici !!!” tweeted Sean on April 29, while Catherine simply said “I am blessed.”

Sean also bought his new fiancee a Louis Vuitton purse.

“We had a big party with family and friends last night and then tonight we’re just going to go out to a nice dinner and just celebrate a little bit more,” Lowe, 29, told Us Weekly .

“I felt like she’s sacrificed a lot to be down here, left her job in Seattle, all that stuff, so I thought I’d get her something really nice. She was happy with it.”

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