Desiree Hartsock: Bryden Vukasin has a secret girlfriend at home

One of Desiree Hartsock’s guys has a secret girlfriend at home and had the girlfriend the entire time according to Reality Steve. This is kind of not a spoiler because the girlfriend has been posting pictures of her and the contestant, clearly back together — and the show hasn’t even aired yet.

Bryden Vukasin is still in love with girlfriend Becky Weidow who is waiting for him at home the entire time he is on The Bachelorette.




Becky apparently even posted a photo of herself kissing Bryden shortly before he left for the show captioned, “I’ll be missing you.”

And since he’s been back from filming, Steve claims, “she posted numerous pics of them together.”

According to Reality Steve, Bryden leaves the show on his own on episode 5 (airing June 24) because he wasn’t “feeling it”.

Bryden doesn’t make it to the rose ceremony and Desiree sends him home.


Desiree revealed this after Bryden eliminated himself in her blog in People:

Even though I know I’m dating multiple guys, it was awkward to be in the middle of a fun and random moment with Chris and have Bryden show up. My worlds were colliding.

Bryden was not one to open up easily, but I was shocked he wanted to leave. He seemed so reassured in Atlantic City. Bryden should have told me how he was feeling back in the States, before coming all the way to Germany and interrupting my date with Chris. I didn’t know if I should be angry, sad, worried, or what … but it definitely raised questions about the remaining men. Are they committed to see if this could work or will they also leave unexpectedly?

I was caught off-guard and I’m not sure I said everything I had to say to Bryden. I’m definitely anxious to see him at the Men Tell All taping.



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