‘Ready for Love’ Kari Krakowski arrest record

Kari Krakowski is the 27-year-old ex-girlfriend of bachelor Ben Patton from Dallas, Texas on NBC’s Ready for Love. This girl looked like trouble the minute she hit the stage. It quickly became clear that Kari had broken Ben’s heart and that she was gonna be a situation. So it’s no surprise that she has an arrest record!

When Matthew Hussey said this girl was trouble he wasn’t kidding!

Yes, surprise, surprise, this Dallas diva has a DUI!

So we here at Ok! Here is the Situation are not Attorneys or licensed legal professionals. In fact, we are unlicensed and unprofessional, but using our ninja skills to investigate public records documents we uncovered a slew of documents on Kari Krakowski. We aren’t going to publish said documents (which are all a matter of public record), but here is the Dallas County website where the info is published and you can search them yourself.

And what we can glean from the copious records for Kari on the Dallas County website is that:

Ready For Love - Season 1She apparently received a DUI on 2/15/2012. She was involved in a 3 car crash at 11:30 am — kinda early for cocktails Kari! Kari allegedly collided with a police car and then hit a parked car. The officer asked her to do the classic alcohol one leg in front of the other walk and the defendant stated “a normal person couldn’t do this.” And at that time it appears a warrant was issued for her arrest. (I’m a little unclear as to why the warrant is issued and why they didn’t book her on the spot, or maybe they did and the “warrant” is just a formality in Dallas).


UPDATE 6/05/2013

Kari Krakowski is dating Tanner Pope from Jillian’s season of The Bachelorette!


The judgment on 9/26/2012 states that a plea deal of 150 days of confinement in the Dallas County jail, 15 months of probation and a $750 fine was made with the Texas Department of corrections. That seems like a stiff penalty to me. I don’t see anything suggesting the penalty was reduced. So I’m curious as to what transpired to make the judge issue such a tough penalty.

Records show that Kari completed her sentence, but it appears that she is still on probation since she began probation on September 26th and it is for a period of 15 months.

What’s also interesting about the timing of this situation is: Since the finale of Ready for Love was filmed last August, if she ends up being the winner of Ben Patton’s heart, that means Ben’s brand-new fiance had to head to the slammer pretty much straight away!

We are still snooping around to find the Kari Krakowski mugshot from this arrest and will post it here when we find it.

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  1. On the bottom of her court records, last page, it shows her new boyfriend bailed her out. And his full address. So I hope he has moved since then, because it’s not really fair for his business to be put out for the world to see.


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