The Bachelorette Recap Season 9 Episode 4: Your faves weigh in

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First, we have my Mom’s micro recap sent via text message: “Poor Brad — nice guy.” HAHA!

Tonight’s first situation was Desiree’s entire 1 on 1 date with Brad McKinzie. The totally awkward, chemistry-less boardwalk / amusement park ride portion of the date was capped by the most awkward dinner date I’ve ever seen.

I mean, for the first time in Bachelor history we actually got to see Brad and Desiree EAT THEIR FOOD! You know a Bachelor/ette dinner date isn’t going well when they actually pay attention to the “food props” on the table. Then, of course, Brad doesn’t get the rose, so we got another bout of Man Tears. Awww.

The Mr. America pageant portion of the Group Date wasn’t all that entertaining or interesting or funny or…. so let’s fast-forward to the AFTER PARTY. Thankfully Bryden’s hair has improved quite a bit from his first 1on1 date.

He finally realized he just needs to give the bangs a slight sweep to the side. But, I have to admit I’m getting a bit bummed that we haven’t had a re-up of Michael G’s serious Type 1 Diabetes conversation. Like, no insulin injection emergencies on any of the group dates yet?

Then, we have the James Case 1 on 1. The most somber helicopter ride in Bachelor/ette history. You know the romance factor is going to be tanked when someone from the Red Cross greets you on the helipad before your luxury fantasy date. Does it make me a bad person that I was hoping for a highly inappropriate makeout session on the too-depressing-for-prime-time-reality-TV helicopter ride? I think it just might.

Ok, and then we get to hear about the James Case cheating situation. He was in a 5 1/2 year relationship and cheated on her during his first year of college, so….we’re talking he dated the same girl from 8th grade, all the way through high school, and then when he heads off to college he finally decides he’d like to hook up with a hot college girl?!?! Um, yeah. That’s called normal. Yet another unnecessary overshare, James Case. Desiree did not need to know that one.

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  1. That is really inappropriate for you to joke about an insulin emergency. I don’t know if you don’t like the guy or where your callous joke is coming from, but I’d bet its ignorance. Diabetes Type 1 is NOT like Diabetes Type 2, which is largely believed to be able to be preventable with diet, exercise and weight management. Diabetes Type 1 is not preventable and Michael G. cannot help it at all that he has Diabetes Type 1.

    Please, grow a bit of compassion and educate yourself about it.


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