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After a light-hearted Mr. America group date, Desiree takes it down a notch by doing the classic natural-disaster-awareness-date. She does a little PR for FEMA by taking James Case on a tour of Hurricane Sandy with a sanctimonious Red-Cross representative.

I hate it when The Bachelor engages in unsolicited tragedy exploitation. We get it — Sandy terrorized New Jersey, but sending The Bachelorette on a one-on-one to pump up the PR volume on the “SuperStorm” to get people to send their money to the notoriously corrupt Red Cross and to get a global carbon tax seemed a bit disingenuous and self-serving….but I digress.

James31James and Desiree give up their date to the two Sandy victims (Desiree is an enneagram 2-Helper). So on their Plan B date James confides in Desiree that he had a girlfriend of 5 years an cheated on her. “I did something that really hurt somebody. I cheated on my girlfriend of 5 1/2 years my Freshman year of college.”

“Freshman year of college”!!!! Who doesn’t cheat their Freshman year!!! Yet another unnecessary overshare by a contestant this season.

Sounds like Desiree quickly gets over it and claims she believes James Case learned his lesson. Thank God! I can’t imagine punishing a guy for anything he did his Freshman year of college.

Desiree said this in her blog:

James was great about everything…. He opened up about his past relationship and cheating on his ex. I appreciated his honesty and believe that no one should be judged by their past. I was disappointed because I had been cheated on, but I was hopeful that James was so forthcoming because he would never do it again. I decided I was not going to hold it against him.

Apparently James does have a dramatic exit after getting in a major fight with Kasey Stewart .

Chris Harrison said this in his blog:

Ben will continue to stir things up, but James is really the one who will step into the crosshairs next week with some ill-advised words.


  1. Christine – please. Exploitation? Try “awareness”. Also – “who doesnt cheat their Freshman year of college?” LOTS of people. Like me. Like decent people with morals. If you have cheated, you are a loser. If you have been cheated on but think it’s “One mistake” rather than a showing of true colors and true character, you are ignorant. Cheaters NEVER EVER change. NEVER. It is their way of coping with a situation they dont like. They dont have the courage to say “I want to break up” and take the chance of being single and alone over being in a relationship that doesnt fit.

    • Oh God, dont even get me started on Primetime tragedy exploitation. That whole American red cross diatribe made me wanna vomit. If they really wanna help ppl they will stop pan handling to the public and start using the money they have ALREADY been given! Do u not see all the stoire about the Red Cross hiing millions of dollars theyve been given for certain tragedies like 9/11? Ppl r much better volunteering their time. Stop giving $ to these lying non-profits.

  2. I’m not surprised. He reminds me a lot of a fat guy I dated once “to give him a chance”. THen I realized people who are fat dont’ have goals or the disclipine to achieve them. This guy had no redeeming qualities whatsoever and I could see a lot of the same shiftiness in James, like the fake smile that was almost a grimace – no joy in the eyes. Also James is fit now, but he has too much bulk, it will turn to fat – you can tell he eats a LOT. THe other guys in the house are more trim and more likely to stay fit, which Des needs because she is fit and active. Oh and by the way, the guys who cheat are usually fat guys who say “oh I made one mistake and she dumped me” – what was the mistake? cheating. They like to look down and sigh with fake remorse. I ditched the fat guy I dated fast enough for him not to cheat but he was always trying to mooch off me and he was just so pathetic. He was very vulgar too, and it turned out he used to quote Shakespeare – which in and of itself could be romantic- but when he told me he just did it to “get girls” to “get laid” and that he would listen to them and pretend to care what they said but only wanted to have sex and then ditch them, I was so morally repelled by him. He said he had trouble getting attention from girls in high school because he was overweight and that he felt a strong impulse to compensate by getting laid by as many people as he could. Cheating comes from insecurity is my point of view. This guy probably would have cheated on me if I hadnt ditched him in the first three weeks. He was all about sex and trying to mooch off people. James reminds me of him in everything he says and does. Yuk.

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