Brooks Forester ex-girlfriend drama: he cheated on her with a 51-year-old woman!

We have an amazing situation here! Brooks Forester according to Life & Style magazine cheated on his ex-girlfriend with a 51-year-old woman!

Yes, that is correct fans, a cougar situation! At last!

I knew there had to be something a little freaky about Brooks and his sexual preferences. I know, I like many, thought he was gay which would have also been amazing, but I digress. But I just knew he had a serious super freak inside of him especially after all the childhood trauma he experienced.

And to be honest, he doesn’t seem to be that taken with Dez. She doesn’t really seem to be his “type”. And now we know his “type” is probably a much older amazing lady!


The 28-year-old was caught kissing a 51-year-old woman while on vacation in Puerto Rico in December 2011.

Her name is Tami which is also an amazing situation. Joelle Krakowerr, Tami’s daughte told the mag:

‘I was on vacation with my mom in Puerto Rico,’ …..’That night, my mom went to a club and ran into Brooks and thought he was so cute! He was flirting with her from the get-go.’

Brooks allegedly approached Tami the following day in the hotel lobby where the two exchanged numbers.

So obviously this was not simply a case of beer goggles or one too many cocktails, Brooks was interested!

Joelle said he lied about his age to her mom telling her he was 29 when he was actually 26.

‘He told my mom he was 29, almost 30,’

She also said the two met up that night, where they were ‘dancing and drinking and making out for five hours’ !

Wow!!! That is serious!

‘My mom says he’s a great kisser!’

And the kicker was Brooks was dating someone at the time.

‘He apparently had a girlfriend at the time,’ said Joelle.

So, seriously, I really do not think Desiree is his “type” and I think even if he wins the days of their relationship may be numbered until the first hot cougar enters the picture.

The Salt Lake City resident is competing with Chris Siegfried and Arizona native Drew Kenney.

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