Does Jax Taylor cheat on Stassi Schroeder again?

After last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules and Watch What Happens Live it became obvious that Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder were no longer dating and were not even on good terms. But the big question was ‘what exactly happened?’

What in the world did Jax do to make Stassi so angry? Is another cheating scandal on the way?

Lisa Vanderpump was on Access Hollywood this week with jilted Jax and she hints that Jax will do something pretty shocking and unforgivable to Stassi.

“What you did this season — I’m just saying, it was worse [than last season],” Lisa explains.

To which Jax replies:

“Well, I’m not going to tell you, but… it wasn’t pretty.”

Perhaps a hint was given by Tom Sandoval in his Bravo blog when he said:

“At that point I was pretty much over the Jax and Stassi thing, you can only hear about something so much. Plus Jax changes his mind like changes his socks. I will always try to help Jax out the best I can, but it gets frustrating when one minute Jax is telling me how much in love he is with Stassi, and the next he is showing me a picture of some new girl he just met.”

Stassi Schroeder confirmed she was no longer with Jax on Twitter. And she is now dating radio host Patrick Meagher.

So clearly something big does go down this season and it must be big if it’s even “worse” than what he did last season.

Jax has made it clear that he is still in love with Stassi and makes every effort to rekindle the romance including several very uncomfortable conversations with her parents.

Jax Taylor cheated on Stassi Schroeder last season with a girl he had met in Las Vegas and confessed to the situation on the Vanderpump Rules finale.

Jax told Stassi “A month before everything happened I did go to Vegas and have relations with someone else. I’m sorry.”

So Jax begins the season in serious hot water, trying to undo the damage he has done. But it looks like he will only make this situation much worse!

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