Bachelor Canada Lead male update 2014

The Bachelor Canada really likes to take their time. We have patiently been waiting for updates for the 2014 season, particularly updates on the new male lead.We know they have been busy casting the 25 amazing ladies, but we have been curious about who they have chosen to lead the hit reality show. We have learned that they are actively seeking a young executive type, specifically, a mining executive type.Per the website, (sooo Canadian!) they have been contacted by producers of the show seeking leads in their search for “some key industry players”.They’re seeking “a vibrant, single man, aged 30-36….”“Handsome, outgoing and successful […] Open to adventure and not easily intimidated. Someone who enjoys travel and is interested to explore some of the world’s most exclusive destinations” .

“Most importantly, he must be open to love and accept the challenge of finding the WOMAN OF HIS DREAMS” …

Taping begins in spring 2014.

Last years couple, Brad Smith and his fiancée Bianka Kamber have set a date for their wedding.

So in an interview in the Calgary Herald back in 2013 from Kamber’s parents’ Mississauga home Brad announced:

“We are officially setting our intention to do it in June of next year.”

So hang in there Bachelor Canada fans! The situations are coming soon!



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