The Bachelor Where are they now? Updates on past contestants

At long last ABC held a Bachelor Where are they now? episode to update us on all the situations that have occurred in Bachelor Nation over the last 10 years. Really the big news was just how normal and boring these couples all are. ABC is not producing their post-Bachelor lives–so no spontaneous picnic lunches, no lighted ice castles, no scuba diving off of a pirate ship, no elephant rides into the sunset, no exotic 4-star Fantasy suites for sexy time, no giant Bachelor mansion, and most importantly no Chris Harrison to help them navigate all of their real-life situations — Just regular people leading regular lives.

Trista and Ryan have two super cute kids and are celebrating their 10 year anniversary, but surprisingly their relationship hasn’t been all sunsets and roses. They talked about how their relationship has had real bumps. What a shock!

Ashley and JP just teased us about being pregnant. Here are their cute wedding pics…

Sean and Catherine got us all pumped up for their wedding in a week! But come on people do you really think these two have not been to “consummation station” yet? They are really playing up the wedding night virginity sex thing, but let’s get real. I’m not buyin’ it. Either these two have already had sex or they actually broke up a while ago and are playing it up for the cameras.

Don’t forget the wedding fast approaching on Jan. 26, 2014 8 p.m. ET/PT. We have ALL been invited!!

Michael Stagliano engaged

The big news is that we finally got some traction on the big exclusive we had two years ago on Michael Stagliano’s secret girlfriend Emily Tuchsherer in August of 2012. All the rags knew their was a girl but did not know her name. We were so excited after we were contacted by an ‘insider’ giving us the deets and we posted our amazing ‘exclusive’, but to our dismay no one cared!!! So the piece finally got a little traction on Google tonight.

Deanna Pappas and the other Stagliano showed us how they were preparing for a baby girl. Even though THIS brother was not a contestant, I guess this counts as a Bachelor success story since he is a twin right?

So we are not down on The Bachelor by any means. We love The Bachelor and even though we know there is a tiny bit of ‘production’ and maybe it’s not totally realistic, we still LOVE to go on the 9-week journeys to find love!

Jason Mesnick and Molly MesnickAnyhoo, that was about it…just a few cute babies and teasers about babies, and a few flashbacks to amazing weddings. Look ABC has had a few successes. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the ACTUAL couples from the finales, maybe it was sort of round-about success in some cases like Jason and Molly Mesnick, but ABC had to remind us that sometimes they actually do make a love connection.


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