The Bachelor Canada Live audition call

The hunt is on for the 25 amazing ladies for The Bachelor Canada.

Online auditions have already begun and are being held until Jan. 23 at

Live auditions begin Jan. 25 in Vancouver, then heads east with stops in Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax.

The Toronto casting call is Feb. 1 at the Grand Hotel and Suites on Jarvis St.

The Bachelor Canada is looking for their 25 amazing ladies as well as their male lead.

We have learned that they are actively seeking a young executive type, specifically, a mining executive type–Per the website, (sooo Canadian!) they have been contacted by producers of the show seeking leads in their search for “some key industry players”. They’re seeking “a vibrant, single man, aged 30-36….”“Handsome, outgoing and successful […] Open to adventure and not easily intimidated. Someone who enjoys travel and is interested to explore some of the world’s most exclusive destinations” .

The Bachelor Canada begins principal photography this spring and premieres on City this fall.

UPDATE: 3:19:2014 Brad and Bianka announce their break up!


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