Catherine Giudici baptized before wedding with Sean Lowe

The impending wedding of Sean Lowe, 29, and Catherine Giudici, 27, is fast approaching on Jan. 26, 2014 8 p.m. ET/PT at The Biltmore hotel and we want answers to some important questions! –answers about religion, family, kids, etc etc.

We know that religion and faith in God is very important to Sean Lowe and his family since he’s been an active Christian since the 6th grade, and is a member of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes–also remember Sean is a born again virgin. So this latest update is not surprising but very intriguing. Fiance Catherine Giudici decided to get baptized at his church recently before the wedding by Sean’s father Jay.

“Catherine became a Christian last year,” he revealed to Radar magazine. “I remember the night she surrendered her life to the Lord. She called me and was giggling and excited. She was over-joyed.”

“I’m so happy for these two and can’t wait for the wedding,” Jay said. “I’m very honored to be such a big part of their wedding day.”

Sean’s father will be officiating the pair’s Jan. 26 wedding ceremony.

“We didn’t lay down a bunch of rules for her. That’s not us at all,” Jay said.

“Becoming a Christian was a personal decision she made herself and had nothing to do with Sean or impressing the family.”

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On Sunday, Catherine was baptized in a ceremony at Plymouth Park Baptist Church in Irving, Texas.

We are still wondering if Sean’s family approves of this marriage since they seemed a bit ‘concerned’ for some time. Insiders claimed Catherine was not ‘Christian enough” for Sean. So is this just posturing or has Catherine really found JC?

There are still questions about whether Sean Lowe held on to his born again virginity with Catherine.

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