Jax Taylor says he slept with Kristen Doute twice!

In tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules Stassi believes that Kristen has committed the ultimate betrayal on Ep 13: Bitch Slap where she confronts Jax Taylor about sleeping with Kristen Doute.

The preview looked pretty explosive…and the show was even more explosive! Stassi Schroeder accuses Kristen of sleeping with Jax saying:

“You banged him!”

“This is f***ing retarded,” Kristen responds. “I never banged f***ing Jax. Literally, I’m not even entertaining this.”

Jax’s provides details of the encounters even claiming “We slept together. TWICE”.

Jax claims one time Tom was sleeping in the other room while the two were watching a movie.

It happened the night that I picked her up and then the first time was when (Tom was home–Kristen says.)

Well I can’t see any reason that Jax would admit to sleeping with Kristen if it were not true.

This is on the heals of news that Kristen Doute has officially broken up with Tom Sandoval and moved out of the place they share together.

Tom Sandoval weighs in: “I just love how everyone really, really cares about our business.”

“You know what, I really, definitely care about one of my supposed best friends banging my ex-boyfriend during the time,” Stassi replies “Shut the f*** up. You are a liar. No one believes you. You are a dirty f***ing w****.”

Of course it ends with a serious bitch slap which it sounds like Kristen deserved….This is gonna be a SERIOUS situation!

Jax accuses Kristen of lying. Jax says:

“Tom I’m gonna show you the texts verbatim on how she is trying to cover it up.”

Then Jax tells Tom “You cheated on her 50 times.”

Stassi claims she has to “get rid of Kristen.”

Jax is reportedly dating new girlfriend, model Carmen Dickmen aka Carmen Leslie? 

Later Jax shows Tom the texts Kristen sent him asking him to cover it up. Tom asks for details about the encounter. Jax tells him they used a condom once and there was oral sex but no kissing. I’d say the verdict is in and it is GUILTY.


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3 thoughts on “Jax Taylor says he slept with Kristen Doute twice!”

  1. DAMN! I KNEW I didn’t like Kristen OR Jax!Jax REALLY HAS done Stassi wrong on every level, as has Kristen. Kristen is NO FRIEND, and it’s people like HER and him who make me realize you REALLY CAN’T trust ANYBODY. They lied all the way to the end! And as much as people bitch and moan about Stassi, that woman has class, and she KNOWS how to get to the bottom of lies! I NEED THAT WOMAN HERE to help me bust my HUSBAND who keeps lying to me about cheating! I have alot of respect for Stassi, as when she got screwed over by Jax and said she was “DONE”, she was right! Most women would go back to the lying cheater, but I respect her that she didn’t. If only the rest of us could be as strong as she is. She has truly set a good example of NOT putting up with lying, cheating scumbags. I wish her well, and she WILL go far, as I said, she is one strong woman! She didn’t let her heart destroy HER HEART, he cheated the FIRST time, she found out, dumped him, AND GOOD FOR HER! I WISH I could do with my husband as she did with Jax, and wipe my hands of him. And as far as Kristen goes, I KNEW she’d end up being a piece of shit with her beaty little eyes and her rabbit teeth – I CAN’T STAND THAT WHORE! And the way she was always crying and whining that Tom was cheating on her when in all actuality, it must have been HER guilty conscience making her think that, of course, I still DO think Tom did cheat on her, but from watching the show, I realize that even though Jax told the truth about him and Kristen, HE IS STILL A HUGE COMPULSIVE LIAR. GIRLS like Kristen are the reason I TRUST NO FEMALES – as they’re nice to your face, then they try to bang your husband or boyfriend. AGAIN, I CAN’T STAND THAT UGLY ASS KRISTEN, and frankly I can’t even believe Lisa kept that tramp on THIS LONG – plus she’s crazy as hell, banging God knows who, and I bet she’s banged MORE than just Jax behind Tom’s back, but she’ll probably go to her grave with that secret. KRISTEN IS PATHETIC, AND JAX IS PATHETIC – Stassi NOW looks like an angel in my eyes, and like I said, I wish I had her HERE where I live to school me on how to get over cheating, lying bastards and put him behind me. I KNOW it hurt her to do that, but she stuck with it – AND THAT is a strong character trait. SO you people who hate on Stassi need to cut her a break, AND STOP BEING SO JUDGEMENTAL! That woman WILL go far. Besides that, I think most females don’t like Stassi because they’re JEALOUS – SHE GORGEOUS! And so what if she demands respect – shouldn’t we all? But at least she didn’t run back to Jax KNOWING he cheated, unlike Kristen who is a damn DUMBASS DOORMAT OF A BASKETCASE most the time. THAT GIRL IS NUTTY AS HELL! NOW, I hope Stassi NEVER lets Kristen back into HER circle of friends – that bitch don’t deserve to even be talked to – spit at maybe, and definitely slapped (like Stassi did), but talked to, associated with – NO! SHE’S AS BIG A LYING BITCH AS JAX IS A CHEATING ASSHOLE! AND FRANKLY, Kristen and Jax belong together. I DON’T LIKE EITHER ONE OF THEM. I haven’t liked Jax since I saw him treating Stassi like he did, but the Kristen thing took it over the edge.

    • yeah I know somehow w/ Stassi the bitch thing works…its kind of endearing but w/ Kristen it doesn’t. The drama Kristen brings feels very toxic to me. Kristen is scary in her ability to lie w/ such a straight face. I wonder if she will be back next season. I know Stassi wont which is a HUGE bummer because Stassi is so fun to watch. It looks like Jax new girlfriend Carmen Dickman will replace Stassi. I hope she has what it takes…


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