Vanderpump Rules star Gerelyn “GG” Gilbert going to work for Corinne Olympios

Vanderpump Rules star Gerelyn “GG” Gilbert going to work for Corinne Olympios Recall last season of Vanderpump Rules a little SUR-ver named “GG” dropped a big bombshell–alleging that she slept with James Kennedy while he was in a ‘committed’ relationship with then girlfriend Raquel Leviss? Well GG aka Gerelyn Gilbert is back but not on Vanderpump Rules. She … Read more

Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules brings brand new drama this December!

Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules is right around the corner and shockingly this motley crew of captivating miscreants has managed to conjure brand-new drama for a 6th season! I’m genuinely looking forward to this season after losing a bit of interest in season 4 and 5. I think watching Tom and Katie try and pretend to be … Read more

Lala Kent and the Sugar Baby situation

So rumors are flying about 26-year-old Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent being a Sugar Baby to a married man on season 5 of the show. Actually this rumor really started in season 4 of the show–recall Lala’s mysterious ‘free’ trip to Italy? Anyhow now 30-year-old Katie Maloney is doubling down on the claims saying that she has it … Read more

Mike and wife Scheana Shay moving towards divorce

There have been rumors about Vanderpump Rules stars Mike and Scheana Shay headed for divorce for some time, but this latest development looks pretty ominous. Mike and Scheana have decided to live apart after Shay went missing for 6 days a few weeks ago. According to a source at PEOPLE the two “will not be living … Read more

Lala Kent quits season 5 of Vanderpump Rules

Twenty-five-year-old Lala Kent and James Kennedy were feeling pretty confident about their jobs on Vanderpump Rules after their rocky relationship on season 4 prompted a 40% ratings increase, but it appears that Lala’s time on season 5 will be cut short. Lala leaves mid-season…allegedly she quits. It sounds like Lala gets into a big throw … Read more

Vanderpump Rules cast tattoos

Vanderpump Rules cast tattoos One thing we have had no shortage of on Vanderpump Rules is tattoos. The hosts and hostesses at SUR have serious impulse control problems which among other things means lots of tattoos. So with no further ado let’s review the Vanderpump Rules cast tattoo situation. Scheana Shay Scheana Shay, 30 got … Read more

Seth Rogen Vanderpump Rules spoof

Seems like EVERYONE loves Vanderpump Rules even A-list Hollywood actors like Seth Rogen and Jennifer Lawrence who both made their own spoofs of the hit Bravo show. Seth’s spoof aired tonight at 10:40 p.m. on Bravo and it was hilarious. The video stars his The Night Before co-stars Ilana Glazer, Anthony Mackie and Jillian Bell alongside VP Rules stars Jax Taylor, … Read more

Stassi Schroeder talks about boyfriend Patrick Meagher and season 4

Stassi Schroeder, 27 sat down with ET Online to reveal the status of her relationship with boyfriend 36-year-old Sirius XM radio host, Patrick Meagher and why we will not see him on season 4 of Vanderpump Rules. “We have our ups and downs, and we’ve broken up and gotten back together. It’s not like everything is just perfect, … Read more

Stassi Schroeder returns for season 4 of Vanderpump Rules but her relationship with Lisa is over

Season 4 of Vanderpump Rules is right around the corner and thankfully fan fave Stassi Schroeder is returning although I don’t know how they can build a story line around her when she refuses to disclose anything about her boyfriend Sirius XM radio host Patrick Meagher, but I digress. Anyway in May she said she was leaving the … Read more

Stassi Schroeder says break up rumors are false

Stassi Schroeder is not happy about the break up rumors swirling around her and boyfriend Patrick Meagher and insists that they are false and were started by a website called “RealityTea” and while I agree the website is bad and pretty inaccurate (in fact even their article on the rumor being blasted by Stassi is … Read more