Stassi Schroeder moving to NYC to be with boyfriend Patrick Meagher?

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Well we know Vanderpump Rules IS coming back for a 3rd season after Jax Taylor tweeted, “@mrjaxtaylor: #PumpRules will be back — just a lot has changed !!! For the better though. Thanks everyone — you guys are all amazing !! ”

Is Mr. Jax referring to the fact that ex-girlfriend Stassi Schroeder just packed up a moving truck and moved across the country to New York City to be with boyfriend Patrick Meagher?

She posted and deleted picture of a moving truck recently with the caption: “Farewell California! #nyc.”

Perhaps these stars need to read their contracts before they tweet! Don’t they know we still haven’t finished their season yet! For all we know her and Jax Taylor could get back together. No wonder the tweet was quickly deleted.

We also just got word from a source that Jax Taylor has a new girlfriend model Carmen Dickman. I’m sure he is keeping that under wraps for the same reason.

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