VP Secrets Revealed: What girl was Jax Taylor dating on Twitter?

Jax Taylor never ceases to surprise us. The 34 year-old actor/model on Vanderpump Rules apparently had a mysterious girlfriend while the show was being taped.

Well Vanderpump Rules Secrets Revealed dropped a clue about Jax Taylor’s mysterious dating life.

Bravo shows a clip of Stassi and the girls confronting Jax over changing his relationship status online at an end-of-season SUR photo shoot. Jax claims that he was dating a girl that he met on Twitter and that she knew all about the Stassi tattoo and the Stassi text messages.

Ok, so who is/was this girl? Well according to our show insider it was gorgeous 28-year-old Tiffany Matthews, an Event and Logisitics Manager for the Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her parents and younger sister all live in Los Angeles and dated Jax for six months.

First question is when did the show stop filming? It stopped filming in late July.

Source: Twitter
Tiffany Matthews allegedly was dating Jax Taylor when he and Carmen Dickman met

The source said this:

“When he put on his Facebook that he was in a relationship on July 23rd, he was talking about Tiffany. He started dating her over the summer. The ‘Secrets Revealed’ show talked about this. Yes, this was Tiffany Matthews . They had a connection from the start.”

“He continued to date her until January. He even admitted to the public that he didn’t mention her because her privacy was important to her. He took her on a very romantic getaway to Mexico in the fall and viewers started asking. He said he wanted to protect her privacy.”

“She and Jax dated for six months. However, he never (in public) said that she was his girlfriend. He wasn’t shy about putting pictures of them on his Instagram, but the show was in the middle of the season and the Bravo producers did not want him to spoil the shows endings.”



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The source claims that Tiffany was well-liked by Jax and his inner-circle of friends:

“Jax really liked her. It came to an abrupt halt, literally the day after the reunion taping. He didn’t break up with her until a couple of weeks later, when the news of him and Carmen hanging out surfaced. She was led to believe that they were still together and she was waiting for his return to Las Vegas. He then had to call and break things off.”

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So stay tuned on this situation. Something seems a bit off about his interviews about Carmen Dickman. I suspect Jax was pressured into that relationship as the source also claims in order to save the show. If Jax is still pining for Tiffany he is going to have a tough time hiding his real feelings.

Who is girlfriend Carmen Dickman?

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