Who has Jax Taylor dated?

Who has Jax Taylor dated? Jax Taylor girlfriend, ex girlfriends, boyfriends, and hook-up situations Jax Taylor aka Jason Cauchi has acquired quite a reputation for being a ladies man on Bravo’s hit show Vanderpump Rules. We are now entering the 4th season of the show and have watched the 36-year-old Playboy begin and end a slew … Read more

Has Carmen Dickman moved on from boyfriend Jax Taylor?


Has Carmen Dickman moved on from boyfriend Jax Taylor? Wow I never thought that Vanderpump Rules stars Carmen Dickman and Jax Taylor would officially break up but it looks like Carmen has moved on at long last!…to a guy name Kurt Benz. And the couple is hanging out with the Vanderpump Rules gang–at least stars Kristen Doute … Read more

Jax Taylor and Carmen Dickman broken up?

Tonight on WWHL 35-year-old bartender Jax Taylor revealed at the end of the show that he and girlfriend Carmen Dickman are not together (and that his father still pays his car insurance). In fact last we saw on the show he was dumping her for girlfriend number two Tiffany Matthews from Vegas. But don’t be … Read more

Why is Jax Taylor breaking up with girlfriend Carmen Dickman in new clip?

So in this clip we see Mr Jax Taylor breaking up with girlfriend Carmen Dickman citing his concerns about “summer” but in reality we know it was because he was getting back together with girl number 2 Tiffany Matthews. Jax says to Carmen “I dont want to hold you back.” Carmen claims “you told me … Read more

What 2 girls is Jax Taylor dating on Vanderpump Rules season 3?

Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules is set to air on Monday, November 3 on Bravo and the show has been premiering some rather intriguing previews. One preview show Mr. Jax Taylor talking about how it’s not a “good idea to be dating two women”. The clip shows a blonde and a brunette. So if you have … Read more

How did Jax Taylor meet girlfriend Tiffany Matthews?

So per the previews it looks like we will get to see the relationship between Jax Taylor and 28-year-old Tiffany Matthews and Jax Taylor and 23-year-old model Carmen Dickman (both reported here first) unfold on season 3 of Vanderpump Rules! So how exactly did Jax Taylor meet girlfriend Tiffany Matthews? Well he he actually met … Read more

Carmen Dickman 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter

Carmen Dickman Bio Age: 23 Occupation: Model/Law Student Hometown: Saskatchewan, Canada Education: Studied Business Management in Spring moved to California to complete her Law Degree in corporate contracts (also to follow her family) Twitter: Boyfriend: Jason Micheal Cauchi aka Jax Taylor Family: One sister, mother (Connie Dickman) and father Birthday: December 30th, 1990 Religion: raised … Read more

Jax Taylor dumped by girlfriend Tiffany Matthews back with Carmen Dickman

It is so hard to keep up with the love life of Mr. Jax Taylor! He has been involved in a complex love triangle with 23-year-old model Carmen Dickman and 28-year-old Hyde Bellagio, Event and Logisitics Manager Tiffany Matthews for the past year. He actually met Tiffany first, last summer and broke up with her to … Read more

Jax Taylor back together with girlfriend Tiffany Matthews!

Ok! So I know this is super confusing because last we reported Jax Taylor was “back together” with girlfriend 23-year-old Carmen Dickman so how can he be “back” together with girlfriend 28-year-old Tiffany Matthews? Because he is Jax. Jax has had strong feelings for Hyde Bellagio, Event and Logisitics Manager, Tiffany Matthews for some time, but because … Read more

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor and Carmen Dickman are BACK together

Looks like we were right. About two weeks ago I said that it looked like Jax Taylor and ex-girlfriend Carmen Dickman were back together–shortest relationship followed by the shortest break-up. I usually won’t post something based on one Tweet but I had a strong gut instinct that something was brewing for a number of reasons. And … Read more