Jake Pavelka, Kalon McMahon and Jef Holm blast Juan Pablo Galavis

Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis is getting blasted from all sides. The 32-year-old has managed to offend EVERYONE. On the Women Tell All we saw how he managed to offend almost all of his amazing ladies. The ladies were quite consistent in their criticism accusing Juan of being insincere and dishonest and not taking the process seriously.

But it’s not just his ex-girlfriends that are angry with

English: Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi at Worl...
English: Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi at World of Color Premiere at Disney California Adventure Park in June 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ex male Bachelor contestants are blasting JP as well. Even Dallas, Texas resident Jake Pavelka is chiming in.

Remember Jake…from The Bachelor: Season 14 (aka The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love).

Jake Pavelka, told Radar Online that this season of The Bachelor show is like ‘The Kardashians meets Duck Dynasty,’ but also said it was great for ratings.

He added that Juan Pablo is giving fans what they want.

‘In reality, people love to hate,’ …. ‘The gushy seasons where there’s no drama, it’s a really well-liked Bachelor, but nothing goes on. [In those situations] he’s so boring and the ratings are low and he gets forgotten.’

Jake’s advice for the single dad is to, ‘stay true to your heart,’ ….. ‘Use this as a platform to find love either within the show or beyond the show.’

The airline pilot became engaged to controversial contestant Vienna Girardi in the March 2010. Of course we all know how that ended!

Former Bachelorette contestant Kalon McMahon of the infamous ‘Kalon situation’ where he referred to Emily Maynard’s daughter as “baggage”, also slammed Juan Pablo as ‘shameless,’ ‘hypocritical’ and ‘naive.’

He told RadarOnline last month: ‘It’s painful to watch him with these girls. I think he’s incapable of stepping out of the superficial conversation — and I don’t know if that’s because English is his second language, or he’s just an idiot soccer player.’

Kalon also said: ‘I respect him.  He’s a single dad, but that seemed to take a backseat once he started  having chemistry with these girls. Perhaps it is editing, but he seems  hypocritical saying he doesn’t want his daughter to see him doing these  things – and then there are very implied sex scenes.’

‘Juan Pablo hasn’t done anything different than the  previous Bachelors, but maybe he’s just a little more shameless – and  naive about editing.’

And worst of all teen Dreamboat Jef Holm, 29, said this….

‘I think he’s by far the sleaziest Bachelor that’s been on the show,’ he  told Radar. ‘He basically just hooks up with the girls.’

Well no doubt Juan Pablo has been the most controversial Bachelor in Bachelor history!!!


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