How much is Chris Harrison paid?

It is no secret that we here at Ok! Here is the situation worship Chris Harrison. In fact the reason the word ‘situation’ is in our title is because that is the heart and soul of what makes Chris B Harrison such an amazing host. He handles situations large and small with the utmost professionalism. Just check out our collection of Chris Harrison Emmy worthy moments here…

He has been the host of The Bachelor since 2002. He has walked us through some of the most amazing, uncomfortable, difficult and heart-warming situations imaginable. He has been the professional love adviser extraordinaire, situation arbiter, relationship negotiator, arm-chair psychologist, mediator, conciliator, go-between, peacemaker, life coach, and kindhearted shoulder to cry on for the last 18 seasons of reality television’s most amazing piece of work, The Bachelor.

He clearly deserves every penny he makes and then some.

So just how much does Chris Harrison get paid?

TV Guide Magazine broke down how much reality TV show hosts are paid and here is the answer….

Chris Harrison makes $60,000 per episode!

Here is our personality breakdown for Chris

Chris unfortunately does not make as much as his reality tv host counterparts.

Tom Bergeron earns $150,000 per episode of Dancing With the Stars. Jeff Probst earns $200,000 per episode of Survivor, and Simon Cowell allegedly makes $75 million for The X Factor, including producer fees.

Well hopefully ABC will re-evaluate Chris sub-par pay soon. No one can handle a situation like Chris!

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