Are Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis faking it?

So when Juan Pablo famously declared ‘I like you, don’t be cranky’ to winner Nikki Ferrell we knew this relationship may be in a tad bit of trouble. Not to mention the copius reports that Juan Pablo Galavis was still in love with his ex Carla Rodriguez and that he just did the show for the money and the fame. So it’s interesting to hear that Nikki Ferrell may be faking the romance with Juan Pablo for the cameras.

A source reveals to In Touch,

“They sold an exclusive set of photos of their vacation and are splitting the profits.”

The source continues, “It was their idea. He’s already done two set-up photo shoots with Nikki and is looking to book more. He knows he has to move now while people are still talking about him. For Juan Pablo, Nikki is just a prop.”

Wow! Well we knew Juan Pablo was quite savvy when it came to turning his 15 minutes into dollar signs so this is not unbelievable.

In Touch reports that even Nikki’s family admits things are not that serious between them. “We knew a lot of it was just for the cameras,” her sister-in-law’s father, Donald Kendall, tells the mag. “I’m not really sure if they will ever get married.”

“They both want to be famous,” a show insider claims to In Touch. “That’s one thing they have in common: They love the spotlight.”

The other interesting recent development in this lukewarm love story is that Nikk’s ex-boyfriend Ryan McDill spoke out to say that he was still in love with her and that she was ‘the one who got away’.

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