How much is Andi Dorfman being paid to be The Bachelorette?

It’s always such a mystery how much contestants are paid to lead The Bachelor or Bachelorette. We have heard numbers ranging from 250k to nothing at all. It looks like Season 10 Bachelorette Andi Dorfman negotiated a small deal with producers for her 6 week jaunt on the show, but not bad. The 26-year-old Fulton County, Georgia prosecutor took a leave of absence from work but no big deal because she will be well-compensated for her 9 week journey to find love.

An insider tells Life & Style that how much Andi is being paid for the show:

“She’s making $50,000 this season–that’s a whole year’s salary for six weeks!”

“Andi doesn’t want to go back to law after The Bachelorette…She wants to see where this takes her.”

Hell yeah!!!! Not a bad ‘settlement’ deal Andi!!!

Other Bachelor salaries:

Bachelor Sean Lowe: between 75 and 90 thousand dollars for Season 17.

Bachelorette Emily Maynard: $250,000 for Season 8 (although she allegedly demanded 750k for the season). NTM her $350,000 wardrobe budget!

What is Andi Dorfman’s salary / net worth?

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Photo Source: ABC

2 thoughts on “How much is Andi Dorfman being paid to be The Bachelorette?”

  1. I find it interesting that: Andi has had two plastic surgeries, this seems superficial to me to have major surgery so young, as though she had quite an agenda for her future.

    Out of all the female Bachelorettes I noticed she negotiated for a much much smaller amount than previous bachelorettes.

    In short, I have been watching the show for many years. Both contestants I did not warm to, they speak rapidly, and I couldn’t connect to their essence.

    Marcus, one of the contestants was quite the catch.

    • Andi is an interesting bird. On the one hand she seems very authentic and honest but on the other hand you are right…a nose job is pretty superficial. I wonder what it looked like before?


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