Josh Murray talks about his family situation and mom’s brain tumor

Bachelorette contestant Josh Murray comes from a very tight-knit, athletic, and good-looking family, but things have not always been easy for him and his clan. Josh and his family spoke to the University of Georgia Red&Black about their remarkable family and their remarkable bond.

Josh is the oldest of three kids. He has a younger brother Aaron and an even younger Sister named Stephanie.

Josh’s mom Lauren said that Josh and younger sister Stephanie are the dominant personalities in the family compared to laid back middle child Aaron.

Brother Aaron said this:

“We’re just a very close family and it’s definitely nice to have them behind me,” ….“Pretty much all my ideas go off of them first because they’ve been through it and I trust them with what they say.”

Source: Twitter Josh Murray with brother AAron and sister Stephanie
Source: Twitter
Josh Murray with brother AAron and sister Stephanie

Sister Stephanie was ALSO a football superstar in High School believe it or not! She was the quarterback of her high school’s flag football team. She threw 42 touchdowns as a sophomore! A-mazing!

His dad, Denny, now a civil engineer  was a pitcher in the Blue Jays’ organization. He was also was on the football team at Cornell and played basketball.

Mother Lauren, was a college cheerleader at Florida International.

Of course we know from his bio that Josh was drafted right out of high school in the second round of the 2002 Major League Baseball Draft by the Milwaukee Brewers, but after five years on the road he missed his family and decided to call it quits and return home to Tampa, Fla.

“We have just such a close bond, it was just tough being away,” ….. “But coming back it’s just strengthened even more because I’m able to do stuff with [Aaron] and be around and not just talk to him, but physically interact with him and help him grow up as well as my sister.”

But Josh did not stay in Tampa for long. He followed younger brother Aaron to Athens, Georgia to get his degree and watch his brother play for the Bull Dogs.

Josh Murray and brother Aaron Source: Twitter
Josh Murray and brother Aaron
Source: Twitter

The family was also very close to their grandparents with them living “five minutes away” and spending lots of time with the kids growing up.

The Murray kids lost their biggest fan, their grandmother, about 10 years ago and the loss was devastating to all of them but especially to Aaron.

Josh said this about the magnitude of the loss for younger brother Aaron:

“I’m sure that’s probably the toughest moment of his life,” …. “She was such a big influence and such a big factor in our lives. We lived next to each other. I know it devastated him. It was very tough. We tell Aaron she’s his angel. She’s looking over him right now.”

Josh Murray, Brother Aaron, Sister Stephanie Source: Instagram
Josh Murray, Brother Aaron, Sister Stephanie
Source: Instagram

But that wasn’t all for the Murray family. Just a year later, mom Lauren received devastating news that she had a brain tumor.

“My mom is probably one of the strongest women, if not the strongest woman, I’ve ever met in my entire life,” Josh said. “She had the tumor for a while and then all of the sudden it just went away. One in like a billion chance. The tumor’s gone. It’s a miracle.”

Seven years after she was diagnosed, the tumor is no longer visible on scans. Hopefully Josh will tell us more about the situation on the show!

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