What is Bachelorette contestant Josh Murray’s religious background?

One of our FAVORITE questions to investigate here at Ok! Here is the Situation is the question of religion. It is never discussed on-screen, yet must play a pivotal role in the lead’s final decision.

Josh Murray's father is Catholic Source: Twitter
Josh Murray’s father is Catholic
Source: Twitter

We know that Andi Dorfman is Jewish, but only because Juan Pablo Galavis failed to ask her a single question off-screen about her religious beliefs! So we know that religion is an important question to Andi.

THUS it will be an important question for her to ask her suitors off-screen. So can the 27-year-old Jewish girl handle a non-Jew or will it be a deal-breaker?

In addition to being geographically desirable, frontrunner Josh Murray is very spiritual (a plus), but is he Jewish?


Josh was born to a Jewish mother Lauren and a Catholic father Dennis on August 12, 1984. He was raised Jesuit Catholic though attending Tampa Jesuit High School.

But we know that faith is EXTREMELY important to Josh and his family.

In fact sister Stephanie was just baptized in their church.

Source: Twitter Josh Murray and family at sister Stephanie's baptism
Source: Twitter
Josh Murray and family at sister Stephanie’s baptism

Mom, Lauren said this about her youngest son Aaron in the Red&Black UofG paper:

“I think faith has gotten him through everything he’s done. He knows that. He knows it’s certainly nothing he’s done. It’s all God has blessed him with,” ….. “He knows not to take advantage of that. It is a gift. I think he’s very grateful for any gift that God’s given him. I think he tries to work very hard at it.”

Mother Lauren was born Lauren Shiro. Her father is Ted Shiro of Naples Florida.

Brother Aaron has tattoos symbolizing the importance of his family and his faith.

He has a tattoo of a cross for his Catholic father (with dad’s initials on top) and a Star of David for his Jewish mom (mom’s initials on the bottom), and the initials of his brother Josh and sister Stephanie on either side of the cross (brother and sister were raised Catholic).

Faith was also important to the family in dealing with their mom’s brain tumor:

Josh-murray-shirtlessJosh said, “She had the tumor for a while and then all of the sudden it just went away. One in like a billion chance. The tumor’s gone. It’s a miracle.”

So will Josh make the cut? No doubt he and Andi will be discussing this situation in depth before the season ends!

Andi Dorfman IS engaged to Josh Murray!!!

Have you seen the famous video of Nick bashing Josh on his plan ride home?

Did Andi Dorfman’s ex-boyfriend effect her final decision?

Chris Soules speaks out on being dumped by Andi and who she should pick

UPDATE: Dec 8th, 2015: Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray have officially broken up!

Here Andi explains her first impression of Josh.

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Here are the guys and their bios if you missed them.

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10 thoughts on “What is Bachelorette contestant Josh Murray’s religious background?”

  1. Andi and Josh really are getting very little respect from the viewers. His mother’s friend is like the town cryer, gossiping about every little thing this couple does and acting like she is Josh’s publicity agent. She is even placing comments about what he does at work and how many clients he has. According to her, Josh’s clients just love him and the advise he has given them–but one has to wonder about someone who cannot find love on his own or someone whose family rents big halls so that members of their church can join them and pray that he is chosen as the final one after his performance in the Fantasy Suite. The town cryer reports that Josh’s clients are very enthusiastic about his success on the Batchelor and don’t mind at all if their financial advisor is gone from work all the time seeking a career in Hollywood. Andi has quit her job in the D.A.’s office because planning a million dollar wedding is very time consuming. Andi sounds like a greedy lawyer–wants a free ABC wedding with an unlimited budget and to earn one million dollars for allowing it to be televised. This turns out to really be a special Bachelor season–how hard was it to find two people willing to pretend or act in a reality show and make a mockery of the entire wedding significance. Yep, this couple has made a business arrangement where they will split all that money once they have staged their scam of a wedding and can hawk the S100,000 ring. Some couples have no limit to how much greed they have.

  2. I think Chris is the real winner. I guess she slept with all of them. Josh this is a women that is willing to sleep around. Do you really want this person as your wife. There faith is a joke. God in every case is against sleeping around and people who do this with out any shame will answer for that.

  3. I do not understand this at all: This sounds like you are “taken prison” by the
    religion of your Mother and Father. I think the meaning of belief is “something
    you believe”. It is this kind of thinking that turns what should be about God and
    love into strife and war. Let’s get rid of this……not pass it on.

  4. @V; Clearly you are orthodox. The other streams of Judaism would I’m sure take exception that only an orthodox conversion would make someone Jewish.

  5. To set the record straight…any child born from a Jewish mother is 100% Jewish.
    There is no possibility for annulment of this status. In other words even if an individual elects to follow another religion …”once a Jew, always a Jew”holds true nevertheless….conversely, if a persons father is Jewish but mother is not, then that person is 100% NOT Jewish. So oddly enough, Josh IS Jewish and Andi may NOT be (unless her mother is also Jewish)! Sounds funny but this is the Biblical Law governing the biological transmission of the Jewish race from generation to generation.

      • Interesting… I have a friend whose mother was Catholic and whose father was Jewish. She and her siblings were all raised Jewish. Does this mean she really isn’t Jewish or even half-Jewish? What about her son?

        • @beth: unless your friend (or her son) went through an orthodox conversion, she is not jewish (by jewish law). Neither is her son.

          • Reform Judaism accepts patrilineal descent. This means that if the father is Jewish and the family decides to raise the children Jewish then no conversion is required. Conservative and Orthodox Jews require conversion if the mother is not Jewish (either by birth or conversion).

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