Josh Murray’s tight knit family is a situation!

Well Andi Dorfman did tell producers that she wanted a guy who “loved” his family and when contestant Josh Murray talks about having a “close” family, he means CLOSE! Parents Lauren and Dennis Murray raised 3 solid and extremely loyal kids in their hometown of Tampa, Fla.

Well actually they started in Miami but moved 24 years ago when Dennis accepted an engineering job in Tampa.

Dennis, was a baseball star and was also drafted into the minor leagues.

He was a pitcher for East Syracuse-Minoa High School and graduated in 1978. He was also football and basketball player at Cornell. He excelled at baseball at Florida International University where he met wife Lauren Shiro daughter of Ted Shiro (Josh grandfather). He was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in 1983 but never made it in Major League Baseball.

Josh Murray's father is Catholic Source: Twitter
Josh Murray’s father is Catholic
Source: Twitter

Mother Lauren, was a college cheerleader at Florida International.

So sports is literally in their blood.

Obviously Josh has a younger brother Aaron, 24 senior quarterback for the Georgia the Bulldogs who is dating Kacie Mcdonnell, 24, a traffic reporter for Fox 29′s “Good Day Philadelphia.”

Kacie Mcdonnell Source: Facebook
Kacie Mcdonnell
Source: Facebook

He also has a sister Stephanie Murray, 21 who, believe it or not, ALSO plays football–at least she was a football superstar in High School. She was the quarterback of her high school’s flag football team throwing 42 touchdowns.

So this is where it gets crazy. Josh moved to Georgia to follow brother Aaron’s football career, but sister Stephanie also followed. The three siblings shared a three-bedroom, three-bathroom rental off Barnett Shoals Road! I do not know how that works. I mean what about fantasy suite time with someone?

So luckily Stephanie moved into her own apartment after the summer. She’s a junior at Georgia, a psychology major, and a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.

But don’t worry about mom and dad they visit OFTEN! According to brother Aaron in an Athens Banner article:

“It’s a great support system,” …… “We’ve always been a close-knit family. That’s why it’s so nice to have them up here.”

In fact, mom Lauren Murray calls them, “Team Murray”–I’ll say!

Josh said this in the same interview about living with his little bro:


Source: Twitter Josh Murray and family at sister Stephanie's baptism
Source: Twitter
Josh Murray and family at sister Stephanie’s baptism


“It’s just a perfect situation for these last four months and him just kind of chilling at my place and us living together,”….. “This is probably the last four months that our whole family, or at least me and him, will be able to be this close. He’ll be out doing his thing and my older-brother responsibilities won’t be as much anymore because then he’ll kind of be a grown man,” –especially if Josh wins The Bachelorette!!!!

And to prove how close the family really is little brother Aaron has sealed it in ink in a couple of tattoos.

Josh Murray, Brother Aaron, Sister Stephanie Source: Instagram
Josh Murray, Brother Aaron, Sister Stephanie
Source: Instagram

He got a tattoo in 2009 near his rib cage of a cross symbolizing his Catholic father (with dad’s initials on top) and a Star of David symbolizing his mother’s Jewish faith (mom’s initials on the bottom), and the initials of his brother Josh and sister Stephanie on either side of the cross.

“I didn’t feel like tatting my whole body up,” Aaron said. “I just wanted something that means something to me. It’s my past. It’s how I grew up. It’s my family.”

The family is very spiritual needless-to-say. But mom Lauren is the only official Jew in the clan. The other four members are all Jesuit Catholic–no wonder mom Lauren loves Jewish Bachelorette Andi Dorfman so much!

Aaron said this about Josh’s personality:

“He’s more of the fiery, competitive type,”….. “I’m competitive but I’m not nearly as competitive as he is. Anything he plays, it turns into life or death.”

The family has not been without their challenges. Mom Lauren had a big battle with a brain tumor 7 years ago and the dad had a bout with thyroid cancer in 2012.

So no doubt this will make for an AMAZING hometown!

Here Andi explains her first impression of Josh.

So will Josh make the cut? No doubt he and Andi will be discussing this situation in depth before the season ends!

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