Scot Young net worth

What is real estate tycoon Scot Young’s net worth?

Scot Young will become a central figure in Bravo’s new show Ladies of London. The 51-year-old U.K. businessman just got out of prison in May of 2013 and began filming the show.

And if you believe the court financial investigator. Mr. Scot Young is worth a bloody fortune….still.

The investigator told the court that he is worth at least £700 million.
The investigator claims a post-it note seized from his central London hotel room last year by his estranged wife Michelle describes a “$4.5 billion profit in Facebook.”

Scot Young made his fortune as a property and telecoms magnate.

Young is engaged to 30-year-old model Noelle Reno who stars on the show. Scot claims to be broke but there is a lot of speculation and chatter that he has plenty of cash stashed offshore.

UPDATE: 12/10/2014 Scot Young dead after tragic fall

Scot Young said he was worried someone was going to try to kill him.

More on the suspicious deaths surrounding Scot Young.

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