Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray on Jimmy Kimmel!

Last night ABC reminded us of why we LOVE The Bachelor/ette! Andi and Josh are sooo cute together! In fact I’d say it’s sort of miraculous that a relationship like this emerged from this process! But 27-year-old Assistant District Attorney Andi Dorfman found her soulmate in 29-year-old Financial Planner Josh Murray  who BTW lives 5 minutes away from her!! Talk about compatible!

I’m sure a lot of us were expecting the attorney to choose a Jewish doctor, not a Catholic baseball player. But in Josh’s defense he does have a real job as a Financial Services Advisor (we are just not totally sure what that means). But these two, I have to say, have excellent chemistry and both want the same things.

Josh is fiercely loyal and wants to marry Andi yesterday. And Andi wants a guy who is really focused on family and faith and won’t talk about his Fantasy Suite time with other ladies! And boy did she get that in Josh!

What a difference one season of The Bachelor makes!

Andi will also need a lot of reassurances along the way as the Enneagram 1 who is constantly over-thinking everything and can get too focused on what could go wrong. Josh is a rock. He can provide the Yin to her Yang. He can make decisions without over-thinking—something Nick could not do. And I think she likes that he sort appears to be just a pretty face, but he is actually pretty smart and very driven.

From the get go she knew there was something below the surface with her new fiance:

“He’s obviously handsome and has a great smile, but there was something there I needed to figure out” .

And boy did she!

So here the two are on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Jimmy is testing them on how well they know each other and both get an A!!

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