Jamie Otis meets her husband at the altar and has an epic meltdown!

There are a lot of Bachelor contestants that I simply can not recall, but Jamie Otis is not one of them. She became a Bachelor icon after her appearance on season 16 of The Bachelor when she broke out some interesting lap dance moves in her efforts to seduce Bachelor Ben away from Bachelor vixen Courtney Robertson (little did Jamie know Courtney was busting out some moves of her own…”reverse cowgirl” to be exact! See her new tell-all.)

And on season 3 of The Bachelor Pad when Jamie fell hard for contestant Chris Bukowski–perhaps earning the title of stalker even.

Jamie was known as the girl who came on a “little strong” shall we say. It seemed like no matter where producers placed her if there was a guy around she was ready to dive head on into a relationship. So why wouldn’t she sign on to a “reality” show called “Married at First Sight”?

Jamie Otis Married at First Sight Source: fyi
Jamie Otis
Married at First Sight
Source: fyi

Well, for one you would think the words “at first sight” would be a red flag for the reality show pro, but that did not stop her. She placed her faith in the “experts” as she did with ABC (BTW Jamie is an enneagram 6. Sixes trust authorities and experts more than any other number.)

So as she walked down the aisle and saw her soon-to-be-life-partner for the first time Doug Hehner, you could see the excitement fizzle into deep despair. Doug did not look like Ben Flajnik, Chris Bukowski, or Ben Patton. How could this be? “Reality” show potential life partners were all drop dead gorgeous in her experience.

Jamie did not hide her disappointment either. She squinted her eyes, furrowed her brow and gnashed her perfect ‘Plus White Teeth Whitening System’ teeth. She even told her new husband she wasn’t attracted to him. Doug seemed oblivious to her disappointment. He was thrilled to marry the gorgeous 27-year-old registered nurse.

At one point Jamie has to leave the reception and goes into the hallway and has a complete meltdown!

Awwww, I think Doug is kind of cute. He could just use a little makeover session with a stylist and a dermatologist and he will be good to go. Give him a chance J!!

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Do you want to know if they are still together?

FYI’s Married at First Sight just announced that they are launching a spin-off called Married At First Sight: The First Year set to premiere on Jan. 13, 2015

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