Lacy Faddoul is a serious situation on Bachelor in Paradise!

The biggest, or second biggest if you count the Michelle K situation, to come out of the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise was 25 year-old nursing home owner Lacy Faddoul!–who barely received a minute of air time on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor and I am kind of shocked because she is quite a vixen.

In fact she appears to be this season’s Courtney Robertson.

The guys seem smitten with Lacy–in fact, I don’t know how, but she is way hotter now than she was a few months ago on The Bachelor. The girls are smitten with Marcus Grodd, but Lacy comes out strong right out of the gate pursuing him. She admits to having a big crush on him but does not know if he is over ex Andi Dorfman so she hedges her bets with 2 guys—Marcus and Robert Graham.

And Robert is IN to her! But Robert is nabbed by Clare Crawley for a date looking at the Yucatan ruins which worries Lacy.

In fact Lacy jumps in to the ocean and wraps her legs around two DIFFERENT guys in the ocean, same night so watch out Courtney Robertson.

When Lacy gets the date card she is “80-40” in who she will pick for the date —amazing! And she picks her #2 guy Robert–which may have been more strategic since she knew Robert was super in to her and would definitely give her a rose while Marcus was a wild card.

Poor Marcus is already pining for a new girl and poor Sarah didn’t have a chance because Lacy got in his line of vision first. He reminds me of Arie in how fast and easily he falls in love. Marcus gives his rose to Lacy tonight shocking everyone. Robert is blind-sighted by the action and picks his second choice Clare.

So I am a bit concerned. Lacy seems a bit unstable the way she can oscillate between guys. I was not kidding when I asked producers if they intentionally choose people with personality disorders! But she will definitely be fun to watch!

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Photo Credit: ABC/Bob D’Amico