Are Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman faking their relationship as part of a business arrangement?

Wow! We recently received this nugget of information from an insider on 27-year-old Georgia Assistant District Attorney Andi Dorfman and her new 29-year-old Financial Planner fiance Josh Murray’s  troubled relationship.

“His mother’s friend is like the town crier, gossiping about every little thing this couple does and acting like she is Josh’s publicity agent…….According to her, Josh’s clients just love him and the advise he has given them–but one has to wonder about ….. someone whose family rents big halls so that members of their church can join them and pray that he is chosen as the final one after his performance in the Fantasy Suite.”

Feature photo source: ABC

Source: Twitter Josh Murray and family at sister Stephanie's baptism
Source: Twitter
Josh Murray and family at sister Stephanie’s baptism

Whoah! Did that happen? Did his family hold a prayer vigil so that Josh would win in the Fantasy Suite? We know his family is very religious….Jesuit Catholics and we know that they love to “win”, but this is taking things to a whole new level! The person goes on to say:

“The town crier reports that Josh’s clients are very enthusiastic about his success on the Bachelor and don’t mind at all if their financial advisor is gone from work all the time seeking a career in Hollywood.  Andi has quit her job in the D.A.’s office because planning a million dollar wedding is very time consuming.  Andi sounds like a greedy lawyer–wants a free ABC wedding with an unlimited budget and to earn one million dollars for allowing it to be televised.  This turns out to really be a special Bachelor season–how hard was it to find two people willing to pretend or act in a reality show and make a mockery of the entire wedding significance.”

Well I suspect ABC won’t do a wedding if they think it’s a fraud because it would backfire. The source claims that this is a “business arrangement”.

“Yep, this couple has made a business arrangement where they will split all that money once they have staged their scam of a wedding and can hawk the S100,000 ring.”

Earlier this year we did an enneagram breakdown of their relationship discussing potential problem areas.

Well who knows if any of this is true, but someone is sure not happy with how things are playing out. Only time will tell!

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