What happened to Sam Frost’s engagement ring?

Now that we know the engagement is off between 31-year-old Perth real estate auctioneer and Bachelor Australia, Blake Garvey and 25-year-old fiance Sam Frost what happens to the $58,000 personally designed Bunda engagement ring?!
Sam told
“I don’t actually have it yet,” ….“The plan was that I’d get given the ring at 9pm on the finale night, which was if everything went well, so I don’t have it.”
Source: Network Ten
Source: Network Ten

Apparently despite the failed relationship jewellery brand Bunda promised she could keep the ring after the break-up was announced, but now, more than two months after filming wrapped and two weeks since Blake broke it off, there’s still no ring.

Network Ten
Network Ten

Frost claimed: “I have been told that I was going to get it but haven’t yet,” saying that she was allowed to hold onto the ring for the remainder of the couple’s two-day stay in South Africa, but had to give it back before heading home.

“When I went back to Australia I had to give it back … I never wore it in Australia.”

When the magazine asked whether she had considered hocking the ring on eBay, she admitted: “It does cross your mind, I have to pay off my debts, just like everybody else I guess, but who knows.”

“I’m ready to put this whole thing behind me, if I end up getting it then I’ll deal with it then.”

We know that Blake is now dating 26-year-old Event Planner and 2nd runner-up Louise Pillidge.

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